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PDtax, Master's Degree
Category: Business and Finance Homework
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After reading this article, formulate an argumentative essay

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After reading this article, formulate an argumentative essay around the following thesis statement:


Cattaraugus County ReHabilitation Center did an effective job of implementing a balanced scorecard approach in a fashion that reflects their organizational mission and vision.

If you do not think this thesis is accurate, you can argue that the Center did not do an effective job.


Introduction: set up your argument by introducing your topic and presenting your position or thesis statement somewhere in this introductory paragraph.

Analysis: present several arguments arguing in favor of your thesis statement. discuss how the Center used the score card quadrants to align with organizational strategy (or how it failed to do so).

Conclusion: Wrap up your argument with a clear and cogent synopsis of your findings.

PDtax :

Welcome to the site. I'm PDtax, and will be helping you today.

PDtax :

I will read the article and summarize my response shortly. Can you confirm your deadline, and length of paper?

Customer :

Hello, 3 to 4 pages is sufficient.

Customer :

How long do you think it would take. Im not in a particular rush.

PDtax :

I am reviewing the paper now, but the price offered for the paper is too low. I typically ask for $20 per page. Please review the price, and advise.

Customer :

i can do 3 pages for $60

PDtax :

ok. please revise the price offered, and I will assist.

Customer :

How do you revise the price, the system is showing that its already answered so I dont see how to now go and change the offer

PDtax :

customer service can be accessed to change price. If that's not successful, you can close out this question (your $ will be refunded) and set up a new question. If you do this, ask for me in the subject line.

PDtax and other Business and Finance Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hello, Ive reposted with your "PDAX" in the subject line.
I appreciate that, but the price offered hasn't changed. I asked for $20 per page, or $60 total, for your paper.

I asked you to either change price offered through customer service or cancel this question out and post a new question. I did not see a change in price or a new question.

Please also advise your deadline, as this has been outstanding for a few days.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
yes the price is now $60. the question is the same and thats what showing on my screen as listed price. i belive you are looking at the original posting from Sept. 4. there is a newer one posted today. I would like this by saturday
Sorry, this is showing as accepted and paid 9/4/13.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thats because customer service said it had to be closed out and had me repost it on 9/18. I did that and put your name in the subject
Got it. You posted for PDAX, and I didn't get a prompt.

I will start on it this afternoon.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ahh, i see. No worries. Thanks again
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello, I see where the confusion is. When they closed this out, I posted what I thought was the same question with PDAX in the subject with the new price of $60 but the question with PDAX in the subject line is actaully a different question.


This question was closed out becuase it was never answered and I was attempting to repost with new price. but what I thought was a duplicate question is actually a different question. No worries, because I still need both questions answered if you are able to do so. I will pay you $60 for each paper.


Cutomer service says for THIS question, since it wasnt actually answered once it is answered I can simply click on bonus and put $60 in the bonus and youd get paid $60 for this paper and youd still get another 60 for the other paper with PDAX in the subject line.


Please let me know if you are able to do this. I am TERRIBLY sorry for the confusion. As far as dealines, I'm assuming youve already started on the question with PDAX in SUBJECT line if you could have that completed by friday or saturday that would be great. And this one I could get back tues of wed of next week.

I can do both. Thanks for clearing things up.

Can work on these tomorrow.

I was going to start this question, but your earlier accept has been refunded and the question has been timed out. If you still want assistance with this question, please repost it, and ask for me in the subject line if you want me to assist.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ill repost when I get home to hard to do from my phone. will take about 30 min to repost

got it. Thanks.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It's giving me a hard time to repost. It keeps saying its a duplicate question.

Then I will close this one on my end.

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