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how do i change my shocks on my 04 lesabre

Customer Question

how do i change my shocks on my 04 lesabre
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Buick
Expert:  Pete replied 6 years ago.
Hello,I will be glad to try and assist you with this,Welcome to Just Answer.


I just need a little more info to assist better.

Can you tell me whether you are replacing the front or the rear shocks or all of them?

Let me know so we can continue,Thanks Pete!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
rear replacement
Expert:  Pete replied 6 years ago.

First make sure the vehicle is in park and block the front wheels so the vehicle cannot roll accidentally,make sure the vehicle is also on a level surface.

Then jack up the rear of the vehicle and support it on jack stands,remove both rear wheels and set them aside.

Then remove the trunk paneling on each side of the trunk,there may be screws and clips that hold the carpeted lining/paneling in place in the trunk and these would have to be removed to remove the side paneling in the trunk on both the drivers and passenger sides.

Then use a jack or similar to support the lower control arm to keep it from moving,you don't have to jack it up but just support it with a jack.

If equipped with air shocks remove the air line,it will most likely be clipped onto the shock and it can be removed by removing the retainer on the air line at the shock then removing the air line,the retainer should pull out and off the air line.

Remove the bottom of the shocks bolts that hold it onto the control arm and set the bolts aside.

Remove the plastic covers on the tops of the shocks inside the trunk,then remove the nuts from the tops of the shocks from inside the trunk and set aside.

Once all of these are off and out of the way the shock can be removed from the vehicle.

Installation is the reverse.Torque the top of the shock nuts to 15 ft. pounds and the lower bolts for the shock to 18 ft. pounds.

Once the vehicle is started the air compressor will turn on to level the vehicle out in the rear.

Let me know if you need anything else,click accept if you feel satisfied with your answer as this is how I get credited for my time,Thanks Pete!