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I have a 2010 nitro has a 2009 merc opti 225proxs

Customer Question

i have a 2010 nitro has a 2009 merc opti 225proxs with around 40 hrs..i purchased. it has developed a condition i would describe as a a shutter at any performance level..its one day then not the comes and goes. the computer shows no faults. i have installed an merc monitor to watch things and they look normal even when this happens...the engine doesnt rev up or bogg down just like you turned it off then on again 2-4 times, then it runs perfect...i had a power pack go out on a jonhson one time..we replace everthing beyond it and then the did the same thing...almost like prop slipping but there no noticeable rev up or tack change.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Charles replied 11 months ago.

Hello, my name is***** will assist you.

With the issue coming and going, it should be electrical in nature. disconnect the plug on the engine going to the harness, ensure that the pins are not coming out from it. Tracker had an issue a few years of the plug end falling apart, and it would cause all sorts of issues. Also look under the dash for any connections that are not secure.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
i agree about the electrical...if the plug is fine what next...what electrical component is more likely to cause this type of issues? i did have an erratic tach sometimes but have since changed out to an eco monitor and haven't noticed that issue on its tach reading...on this boat is a power management enclosure, a hard plastic enclosure that all the wiring from the dash goes into.located behind the driver side storage compartment. it has a positive and a negative from the battery...while trying to hunt down any obvious elec. i found it and the connection were lose. i tightened them up ( pos./neg wires)but they seemed to want to turn within that enclosure a little then did tighten up...could that be the source if the ignition key goes to it and those terminals that the wires connect to that i tightened . it did this when i first got it a few times the first run out but after a that i put about 6-7 hrs on it and the oil pump started leaking. it was replaced under was after that some time not many hours later that the issue described came back but like i said not every trip, 3out 0f 5 trips now its doing this more frequently.
Expert:  Charles replied 11 months ago.

Nitro uses aftermarket harness from the engine, it goes from the engine to the dash, then to another plug and finally the key. All of then need to be looked at. you can also wiggle the harnesses with the key on, see if you lose and regain power. The warning horm would would if the engine lost and then had power back.

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