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Noel Schembri
Noel Schembri, Marine Technician
Category: Boat
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Mercruiser 1998 350 MPI MIE SKI MAG 0L305632 Stalling The story -- its a Tige bowrider

Customer Question

Mercruiser 1998 350 MPI MIE SKI MAG 0L305632 Stalling
The story -- its a Tige bowrider and we took on a LOT of water -- engine stalled out we towed it back -- bailed it out, dried it out found water in tranny fluid and oil. Changed transmission fluid, changed oil, new filter for oil and gas as well -- drained gas tank just in case (found NO water). Engine will start and run for a few minutes at idle then stall -- it actually ran very well for at least 15 minutes at full throttle full load then stalled as I pulled back the throttle and would not start again for about 5 min -- it started ran for 3-4 min and stalled, I had it on the dock and ran it for over an hour at idle then without engaging the prop pushed it to 3000 rpm for 15 minutes -- no problems. A week later come back and it stalls continually?
I have a new IAC to put in this weekend -- any other thoughts would be helpful -- I am not sure if the motor has an oil pressure switch or just the sensor to feed the guage -- but I
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Boat
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
So I replaced the IAC and determined NO oil pressure switch -- also replaced the oil sender -- engine runs for 30 seconds and stalls -- I can advance throttle to 3000 RPM unti the 30 second mark -- engine runs great -- then stalls -- when it cools 15 minutes or so all this repeats
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Pics below of all of the sensors -- the SN is 0L305362
Expert:  Noel Schembri replied 1 year ago.
Hi my name is ***** ***** I will assist you. From the story of the engine what i am thinking is a bad fuel pump that is stalling intermittently. What i suggest you do is to connect a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel line and check the fuel pressure if it drops before it stalls. If you can see it drop just before it stalls then the fuel pump would need to be replaced. check the above and keep me updated. Noel
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
So I did replace the fuel pump. No joy. The engine will start and run for 35 min great but then stalls and when restarted will only run for 15-30'secomds when idling or partial throttle. It stalls then you have to wait 10 min and it will restart. If you try restart right after stall it only cranks
Expert:  Noel Schembri replied 1 year ago.
Ok still i suggest you check the fuel pressure as the symptoms seem to be fuel related. Also when the problem happens check the fuel filter and see if it has fuel in it. Noel
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok so I see key on but not running about 40 running around 42. No drop before stall
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Is there a sensor or sensors that shut down engine ?
Expert:  Noel Schembri replied 1 year ago.
Ok so fuel should be ok, what i am thinking is a bad sensor as you correctly said. What i am thinking about is the crank position sensor. It tends to act that way when it heats up. Noel

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