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I have an 82 evinrude 235 on an eliminator same year... when

Customer Question

I have an 82 evinrude 235 on an eliminator same year... when I bought it the fuel supply was altered, it no longer runs on the two factory fuel pumps that are original equipment. The owner before me installed an electric fuel pump. Here is what it's doing... upon startup it idles too slow--about 400-450. Then warm it up all the way out of the slow zone--about 5 min. Hit the throttle and get a whopping 1,800 rpm. 10 mph. this goes on for a little while with me going back to idle for a while. Then-- all of a sudden it works--zoooom--but only to about 3,500 rpm. It seems like it's being starved for gas--or too much--I can't figure it out. It a small fuel pump from auto zone-prob. no more than 20-25.This motor--I am told should do 6,ooo rpm. Got a clue? I am lost. Help please
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Jason replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will be helping you today. The engine might have multiple problems, however the previous owner should not have put an electric pump on it. It is incorrect, dangerous, not safe, and I could probably think of a few more words.
Realistically speaking. What you need to do here is first check spark and compression to make sure it has good spark on all 6, and also to make sure the engine has usable compression. For a spec, 80 psi minimum is what your looking for, with the higher the better. If compression is below that the motor is simply no good, and worn out. But if compression is good, you will have to invest in getting the correct fuel pump on the engine. The previous owner was being "cheap". Does that make sense?

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