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Whitecap36, Marine Technician
Category: Boat
Satisfied Customers: 1545
Experience:  28 years Certified Marine Technician and past FL State Certified teaching degree
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how to replace a water pump on a 1979 70hp evinrude outboard

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Boat
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Whitecap36, Marine Technician
Satisfied Customers: 1545
Experience: 28 years Certified Marine Technician and past FL State Certified teaching degree
replied 7 years ago.
The most difficult part of this procedure will likely be the unfastening and reattaching of the shift shaft. As this is your first time i would recommend making it easy on your self and remove the starter first and shift into fwd gear.
There is a bolt/retaining pin that needs to be removed that fastens the shift shaft to the linkage under the carb. You will access this on the port front side of the engine under the starter,and under the bottom carb.
Now remove the bolt under the cavitation plate above the prop. Then there are four bolt left two on each side in the middle and front above the cavitaion plate. Be careful as you remove the last one the gearcase doesn't fall down. Now pull down on gearcase to remove. Be careful not to rotate shift shaft and note it's fwd position on the top.
You will see a plastic housing around the driveshaft,remove the four bolts and lift off the cover, impeller, and plate.
If there are deep grooves in the housing insert or base plate,replace them. and if the housing has any melt replace it.
You will want to non harding sealant (not silicone) under plate so there are no intake leaks.
Assemble the water pump with grease on the water pump key, impeller blades, driveshaft splines and water tube seal in top of housing.
Now your ready too install the gearcase.
I will put the gearcase up and turn the prop or flywheel as needed to engage the driveshaft splines then be sure the water tube goes into the housing seal. At this point I put one bolt in part way to hold the gearcase until you get the shift shaft coupled back together and then put the rest of the bolt in.
Fire up with water and see it pump!
Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
the shop manaul says to shift into neutral gear am confused.
Jeff G., Marine Mechanic
Satisfied Customers: 4724
Experience: 42 years experience, Certified Master Technician, All Major Outboards, Sterndrives, Hi-Performance
replied 7 years ago.
Since Mike is offline what are you confused about?
Whitecap36, Marine Technician replied 7 years ago.
Saw you had a question about the shift shaft.
The only reason I put into fwd gear is for easy of assembly, so when you go to install the gearcase and need to align the propshaft you can just turn the prop to do so.

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