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BMW X5 3.0SI: II get a "scraping/scratching"

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I have a US spec 2008 X5 with approx 65,000 mile, used a lot in Germany on autobahn (I am military). I get a "scraping/scratching" sound in the front end that is very noticable when driving along narrow streets where I can hear the echo. The sound slows/speeds up with the car. I see nothing in a basic visual inspection, and the disc brake checks are good (the BMW self-check, not an actual mechanical check), but the front end pads are due a check in 1000miles. All other performance/checks are fine.  As I just picked the X5 up from the shipper (Germany to US) and am about to drive from NJ to CO to my next assignement, wanted to know if I should try to get it in a shop ASAP. 

BMWDoc :

Hello, I'm Jason. I will do my best to answer your question quickly and accurately using the information you have provided.

BMWDoc :

Ok, so the most common reason for this is the sheetmetal backing plate behind the disc actually rubbing ON the disc. However, if there is no contact seen, then it's time to have a close visual look at the pads

BMWDoc :

The reason is because only two of the 8 brake pads on your truck have the wear sensors, so there could be 1 pad that's worn down completely

BMWDoc :

As far as a shop check goes...if you're driving that sort of distance, I highly recommend that you do that.

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