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internal88, BMW Mechanic
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Experience:  I have an Automotive Engineering Degree and also work for an Automotive engineering company since 2003.
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X3 2.5 si: My BMW X3 2,5si, 2007 is misfiring occasiolally.

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My BMW X3 2,5si, 2007 is misfiring occasiolally. It happens after driving a few minutes after start and the emission warning comes on. When the engine is switched off a ½ min the fault is gone and the car is ok the next appr. 14 days. Then i happens again. What is wrong ? what should be done? it has 50000km on the clock.

internal88 :

Hello and welcome,

Did you scan the computer using an OBDII scanner? It will be helpful to get the engine code.

  1. Usually one of the coil is at fault. The resistor inside the coil heats up and start firing without being in sync with the timing. Therefore triggered the the engine light. Mostly likely it is result of a bad ignition coil. It will be tough to find which coil because your vehicle has six coils. In the shop we use a hand held computer with graph to find out which coil is not firing correctly.

  2. I would also recommend changing all the spark plugs.

  3. Recommend NGK or Bosch spark plugs only.

  4. I hope you are putting premium fuel in your vehicle.

  5. Please update me, thanks.


Thank you. The car is due for service. I have asked to get the plugs changed. If it don't work I will return to you. May be they can check the coils as well. I am using 95 Shell Premium only, sometimes 99 to clean the engine due to short trips.

internal88 :

Ok, good you're using premium fuel. This is what BMW recommended.


The BMW shop checked the code from the car computer . I did not get the code. The code was not conclusive they said.

internal88 :

Ask them to read the code? If the code is not coming up. Ask them to hook up a snap-on data logger computer to check which coil is weak.

internal88 :

Ok good, please update me the progress later.

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