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Bmw: my starts.., but about 10 seconds later it dies

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Hi again this is clark and i have a problem with my 2000, 528i Bmw.
The car starts but then dies. I started it this morning and it was on, but about 10 seconds later it dies. Tried to start again and it starts but dies immediately after.

Last night i started the car and when i tried to push the gas pedal it died. i tried again to start it, but it got to the point where it didn't start at all but the engine was turning.

i left it park overnight and tried starting again this morning and it started but 10 seconds later it died.

i am not sure if it's my fuel pump since the car starts but dies aftewards.
I do have an OBDii R5 FCX and ran it through and got 5 codes.

1. F6. Secondary Air system Flow too low Cyl# XXXXX
2. F5 Secondary Air system Flow too low
3 D6. Vehicle Speed Not Present
4. D1 EWS Message
5. 82 Can TImeout (ASC1)

My check engine light is on
My speedometer doesn't worked (it only works once in a blue moon)
hey this is ed and i can help you with this if you are interested. can i get the last 7 of your vin please?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
yes hi ed, my last 7 of the VIN is BY19925
hey clark how are you doing? how much fuel is showing on your car's fuel guage? is the light on?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

it's about half or a little under half full. Now it's cranking but it wont start


ok you need to check the fuel pump, this sounds like it is your problem. to do so remove the back seat, on the passenger's side there is an access cover. remove the cover and you will access the fuel pump. get someone to spin the car over while you get a long screwdriver, put the metal end on the top of the pump assembly, and put the other end of your screwdriver to your ear, and listen for a buzzing noise while the car is turning over.let me know what you find. thanks in advance ed.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Ok i just tried again and the car started and stayed on for 5 seconds and then died.

I tried again and it started and immediately dies.

If you still feel it's the pump, then I'll order it and replace it and let you know if it resolves the problem.


Thanks, i'll keep this open until i replace it.

clark i'm sure it is, we have seen this ALOT lately. those faults you have won't keep it from starting. the secondary air flow faults are probably the hose going to the emission control valve on the front exhaust manifold, and the vehicle speed, and can timeout are probably the abs sensor on the left rear wheel, or the asc/dsc control module itself, depending on what your car has, and the ews i'm not sure, it could be a freak. thanks again ed.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Ok ed thanks again, and what about the speedometer that works like once in a blue moon. Any ideas on that? I'll go ahead and order the pump and install it.


I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again


yeah check the abs sensor to the left rear wheel, it is either the sensor wires are deteriorated, or it is the asc/dsc control module itself. if it isn't the sensor you can send the module to a place called module masters for a rebuild they are very good we use them and have had no problems at all, and they are reasonably priced, and a quick turn around time. thanks again ed
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Excellent.. I will let you know once the pump gets here.

Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your day.

you too!

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