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BMW BMW 325i: Eccentric Sensor Replacement

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I've read that an oil leak is typically what makes the eccentric shaft sensor go bad. Is it a leak in the sensor itself, or a separate leak somewhere else that needs to be repaired that normally kills it? 

Also, since Im replacing it, I know I'll need a new valve cover gasket set and bolts.  Is it a magnesium cover or plastic for my vehicle?  I guess that determines steel or aluminum bolts.  The production month was 02/06 and it has an N52 engine.

I'd also like to know whether I need new gaskets for the valvetronic motor and eccentric sensor, unless those are commonly included in the gasket sets.  Thanks.
Hi there,

Can you clarify your question? Where we're you reading about oil leaks?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I had read on bmw forums that an oil leak typically causes the eccentric sensor to fail. I dont know if thats correct or not, or if there is a specific leak thats normally the culprit. For such an expensive repair, i just want to make sure Im taking the steps necessary to avoid a repeat problem. Thanks.
The sensor itself is known to develop an oil leak in the body of the sensor; you may see oil in the connector when you take the connector off; simply clean the connector with electrical cleaner and it will be ok. There is no separate leak that needs to be repair that will prevent the sensor failure. The new sensor is an updated part though, that you will get from the dealer (from the original).

Your valve cover is magnesium with that model year. You will need a new valve cover and aluminum screw set for the replacement. I also recommend replacing the valvetronic motor gasket and eccentric shaft sensor connector seal in the valve cover when you have the cover off. Both those gaskets are known to develop external oil leaks over time.

Hope this helps,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Excellent, thanks!! I ordered the replacement part, I didn't think about just being able to clean it. Do you have access to the part numbers for the two gaskets you recommend replacing? Thanks again!!!
Do you have the last 7 digits for the vehicle?
I used your production date to look up the parts....

Here is the list of parts you will need:

valve cover gasket 11127581215 (item 2) $39.42
aluminum screws 11120409288 $32.10
eccentric shaft connector gasket 11127528242 (item 3) $12.15
valvetronic motor gasket 11377516302 (item 7) $12.02

Be sure to torque the new aluminum valve cover bolts to 7 newton meters (about 5 ft lbs) and then 90 degrees torque angle.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Jay, In reference my earlier question on the recommended parts: That eccentric shaft connector gasket is a real pain!! I had to cut the old gasket out with a razor since it was heat molded in there and hard.... The new gasket does not want to slide in to the hole.. Any tips or tricks used in the shop to do this?? How would you suggest pressing it in? It seems to be just a hair too large in diameter... Thanks!
Use a 32 mm socket and lightly tap the seal in with a hammer. It will go in that way.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ill give it a shot. That thing is tight!! Thanks!!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It's still not pressing in, the gasket seems to have a solid core through the middle so theres no give... It just warped the shape tapping it with the 32mm...
I've had to live the rubber part of the gasket before... Try using sOme grease and tapping it in
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ill try the grease thanks. What do you mean "live the rubber part of the gasket"?
Sorry, auto correct..... Grease the part of the rubber
JayPutelis and 3 other BMW Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Just figured it out, the steel ring from the center of the washer is still in the hole. Dang!!! Lolol wow