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BMW 740i I am replacing the alternator on our 1994 740i and

Resolved Question:

I am replacing the alternator on our 1994 740i and the olil filter housing needs to be moved aside per the manual I am using and I can not get it out of the way. I am very capable and the two nuts at the front of the housing are not allowing me to get it out ofthe way to access the 13m nut on the alternator.There is no way to access the 13m nut without this out of the way, i have tried and tried, the oil filter assembly has to be moved to access this nut.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  George replied 5 years ago.

George :

Yes it needs to come completly out in order to access the alternator.

George :

It is not any easy thing to do it takes time and patients.


Do you have specific instructions you can email me?

George :

Exactly which 2 nuts are not allowing you to get it out of the way, is it the nuts that hold the oil lines in place?

George : BMW TIS - 12 31 020 Removing and installing/replacing alternator (M60, M62)

Follow instructions for disconnecting and connecting battery,
refer to General Information MG 12.
Switch off ignition.
Disconnect and cover battery negative lead.

12 31 020Removing and installing/replacing alternator (M60, M62)
Full Size Image
Remove alternator drive belt,
refer to 11 28 010.
Full Size Image
Alternator with air cooling:
Unfasten screw connection on oil-filter housing.
Full Size Image
Place oil-filter housing to one side.
Full Size Image
Disconnect alternator connections.
Full Size Image
Connections illustrated here on removed alternator.
Disconnect plug connection ①.
Unscrew nut (2).
Tightening Torque,
refer to Technical Data Alternator with Drive and Mounting PartsAlternator with Drive and Mounting PartsAlternator with Drive and Mounting Parts12 31 1AZ.
Full Size Image
Unfasten cable clip (1).
Full Size Image
Unclip cooling air guide.
Full Size Image
Unfasten screws (1 to 3).
Full Size Image
Pull out alternator towards front.
Full Size Image
Pull alternator upwards to remove.
Do not damage cooling fins!
If necessary, replace alternator belt pulley,
refer to 12 31 ...
George :

Are these the same instructions that you have?

George :

In order for me to help you I need you to answer my questions.


the two 10 mm nuts on the housing are the only thing I can see to loosen ,there are two studs with the 10mm nuts and nothing else. with the 10mm nuts off the housing can be moved froward a half inch or so but it can not be removed as the studs are in the way

George :

Ok if you look in the 3rd picture down that I posted, on the back of the oil filter housing were the lines attach you will see the 13mm nut located in the center, you need to remove this nut to seperate the lines from the oil filter housing so the housing can be completely removed. Otherwise you will never have enough room to access everything you need to.

George :

Just make sure you replace the o-rings on the oil lines when you put it back together.

George :

Also make sure you remove the oil line on the side of the oil filter housing.

George :

Full Size Image
Unfasten bolts and nuts. Remove main flow oil filter.
George :

Full Size Image
Unfasten oil drain line on main flow oil filter.
Replace sealing ring.
Tightening torque,
refer to Technical Data Oil Filter and PipesOil Filter and PipesOil Filter and PipesOil filter and pipesOil Filter and PipesOil Filter and Pipes11 42 5AZ
George :

Do you understand what needs to be done now in order to remove the alternator.


Finally got the alternator out.....thanks for your help.

George and 3 other BMW Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  George replied 5 years ago.

Thank you very much,


I will always leave poswitive feedback all I ask is for the same.

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