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Jon, Consultant
Category: Blue Book of Guns, Firearms Appraisals
Satisfied Customers: 1363
Experience:  Professional Gunsmith, Certified Police Firearms Instructor, Concealed Carry Instructor, Journeyman Machinist and Firearms Enthusiast.
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I have a colt single action revolver that has been in my

Customer Question

I have a colt single action revolver that has been in my family for generations. It is in pristine condition. The serial number is ***** On left side it is engraved Sept. 19.1871 and below is July 2.-72 and below that is Jan. 19 - 75. There is an illegible stamping on the wooden grip (it looks like a double stamp of [email protected] On the top of the barren in the middle of the sight line it is inscribe with 'colt's PT.F. A manufacturing c. hartford ct. u.s.a. Can you tell me any more about this pistol and/or its value. I would like to register it as I have a concealed carry license. Thank you for any help you can give. ***** *****
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Blue Book of Guns, Firearms Appraisals
Expert:  Jon replied 8 months ago.


My name is Jon. I will do my best to help. Do you have any photos of your Colt?

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
on my cell phone. Do you have an email that I could send it to you. I'm sort of a novice and cannot do it through computer.
Expert:  Jon replied 8 months ago.

Please give me your email and send you an email address to send photos.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Already did when I signed up but here it is *****@******.***
Expert:  Jon replied 8 months ago.

Email sent to you

Expert:  Jon replied 8 months ago.


According to your serial number your Colt was made in the 1877-1878 range making this an early model made for Black powder cartridges. I can confirm this with the screw if the front of the frame that retains the cylinder pin. This feature is not found on later models. It appears that this model is probably a "Late Military Model". The stamping on the grips and the lanyard loop at credence to this theory. Due to the high value of this firearm, I recommend consulting someone who specializes in antique Colt revolvers. I recommend contacting David Condon Inc. at To give you an idea of the value your revolver could be worth, here are the prices listed in the Standard Catalog of Firearms. Prices are listed by condition.


Very Good-$39,500




I hope this information helps. Please remember to rate this answer using the stars. Thank you and have a great day.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Thank you Job. Your answer started out but was only one line. Could you send it to me in its entirety so I could print it. Thank you. I am pleased so far.Regards,Keith
Expert:  Jon replied 8 months ago.


Did you get the emailed copy?

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