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Dr. Dan
Dr. Dan, Bariatric Physician (MD)
Category: Bariatrics
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Experience:  ASMBS Centers of Excellence Bariatric Surgeon
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sharp stabbing pain, right side near bottom or rib cage. Sharper

Resolved Question:

sharp stabbing pain, right side near bottom or rib cage. Sharper pain when I sneeze or yawn or even take deep breaths.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Bariatrics
Expert:  Dr. Dan replied 5 years ago.
Have you undergone any strenuous activity recently, or heavy lifting?
Is the pain worse after eating a fatty meal?
Do you feel short of breath, or feel like you are not getting enough air when you are just sitting around?
Do you have any other medical problems?
Do you smoke, either cigarettes or marijuana (I'm definitely not the police, but the question is important)?

Dr Dan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I did a rope rescue class last week that did involve some heavy lifting. I do not smoke anything, but I am a firefighter. I have high cholesterol for which I am currently on Crestor. I also take omeroprozale for acid reflux. I feel like I have mild shortness of breath because I can't take deep breaths due to the pain. The onset of the pain was yesterday after a fast food meal but it hasn't gotten worse since it started. Initially it just felt like a side stitch that you would get during a run, it just hasn't gone away. Last year I was having significant gallbladder problems and underwent testing and was diagnosed with a dysfunctional gallbladder. Not gallstones, just not doing what it should. The surgeon I saw did say that I would be a good candidate for getting my gallbladder removed but I started to feel better so I haven't gone ahead with that surgery.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I did not receive your opinion.
Expert:  Dr. Dan replied 5 years ago.
Hello again,
My apologies for taking so long to respond. Your pain is suggestive of a dysfunctional gallbladder, but it could also easily be a pulled muscle from the heavy lifting last week. If it is sore muscles (your abdominal obliques come off the ribs), e soreness should respond to an ice pack, which would decrease any local swelling.

If, on the other hand, an ice pack really doesn't change the dull soreness under the ribs, then you may well be dealing with a swollen, or infected gallbladder. Time is an important actor here. If your pain hasn't improved by tonight, or roughly 24h of pain. Then you should get an ultrasound of your gallbladder done. If the US shows fluid around the gallbladder or thickening of the wall, then you should have your gallbladder removed promptly. If the ultrasound is normal, and your blood work of liver and pancreas function is normal, then you should be safe pursuing a more conservative approach. In that case, watching for improvement or resolution is ok, but if the pain doesn't resolve, you can undergo elective gallbladder removal.

Good luck,
Dr Dan
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