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I am a nurse in CA. My ex had a spending problem and got us

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I am a nurse in CA. My ex had a spending problem and got us in a lot of debt. I am now divorced but one of his creditors came after me too. I was sued and lost. The Judgement creditor was granted an assignment of payments to collect the earnings I make working with life insurance companies. I am paid about 250. each time I do an intake and payment is sent to me in a couple of weeks. This is money I use to support myself and my kids. It is the only income I have. How can I stop them form executing the order? Is there anyting that will keep them from contacting my clients?
Over 35 years, I have assisted my clients with debt problems having filed more than 32000 Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy petitions.

You can stop the attachment by going to court and filing a form called claim f exemption. Thereafter, the court will schedule a hearing to determine, based on your income and expenses, how much if any you can afford from each paycheck.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I want to give more information and receive more help. How ever I want to protect my privacy. Can I give details in way that is private?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

In any case, it is not an attachment but an assigment of payment and a restraining order restraining me from transfering assets. How will filing the Claim of Exemption stop them from contacting my clients?

Once the claim of exemption is used, the restraining order is lifted pending a court hearing to decide if the assignment should be allowed to continue.
dylatess and 2 other Bankruptcy Law Specialists are ready to help you

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