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I am in Australia and purchased and fully payed for a 69 Mustang

Customer Question

I am in Australia and purchased and fully payed for a 69 Mustang bought on 22nd of JUNE 2013 from a major Dallas dealership (Straight Line Automotive), I received a bill of sale and many emails confirming my purchase the car was advertised as sold with a clear title. I organised pickup and transfer of the car to LA, the title was to be left in the glove box, they released the car it arrived at my shippers yard with no title and therefore no clearance to export, as I attempted to find the title Straight Line filed for bankruptcy and l have been added to a creditors list of approx 200 claims, I have traced my title to a NEW! texas title issued on the 26th of july (1month after I purchased the car) it now apparently has a LIEN on this new title, many titles, I have been told have the same individuals name recorded. I have received an invite to a creditors meeting in 2 weeks I am not going due to cost. I bought and payed for the car and title more than 2 weeks before they went under I have knowledge of the cars safe and secure storage but as yet I do not have possesion of the car do I stand to eventually receive my title and does the NEWLY issued Lien holder have any hold on my vehicle ,is their another way I can get the export approval, the title is of no use here in Australia the bill of sale is sufficient for registration, the cars VIN NO. is used for export ,if we break the car down to parts no Vin is registered and a parts title can be obtained but its a shame to break up the car of my dreams PAUL SCHOFIELD Sydney Australia, email [email protected]
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 3 years ago.

Attorney2020 :

It sounds like a fraudulent car dealer has sold the title to your vehicle multiple times. Unless the dealership voluntary gives you the title through request, the only other way would be to attend the creditor's meeting and filing a creditor's claim in bankruptcy court. I suggest hiring a creditor's right's attorney to represent your interest wherever the bankruptcy has been filed. You will not have to attend this hearing, your attorney will on your behalf. Otherwise, breaking up the parts and selling parts separately is your alternative because there will be no other was to export the vehicle without title.

Attorney2020 :

I hope this helps. Please rate my answer. Please let me know if you need any additional assistance.

Customer :

thankyou, I have the car in my US shippers possesion, I fully payed for it 3 weeks before they went bankrupt can any one claim they own it and take possesion, apparently after I took delivery a texas title was issued with a lien on it . PAUL

Attorney2020 :

I apologize but I cannot view your response. There seem to be some severe technical difficulties with this website.

Customer :

I repeat that I have the car in my US shippers possesion I fully payed for it3 weeks before they went bankrupt can anyone claim they own it and try to take possesion, apparently 4 weeks after I took delivery and 2 weeks after they filed for bankruptcy someone had issued a new Texas title with them listed as holding a Lien on it. PAUL SCHOFIELD

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Expert can not veiw my question there fore no answer , poor result sorry. Paul

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