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I was divorced approx.two years ago. The past two years have

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I was divorced approx.two years ago. The past two years have been horrific financially. I enrolled in a debt settlement program and was in it for over a year and just recentlt pulled out.It was a huge headache. I sought legal help and was planning on filing for bankruptcy. After paying the lawyer $600 he told me i dont qualify for seven, and if i file for thirteen i will be paying well over 1200 a month,if i had that money I wouldnt be filing. Now I am at a complete dead end. Most of my creditors have turned my accounts over to collection agencies and some to lawyers offices. I dont know where to turn, who to ask for help, and where to start. I used to have pristine credit and now, well its horrible and i cant make the bills on my one salary, and take care of basic needs and my daughter. I am miserably upset. Please help.

Thank you for your question.

The typical reason people do not qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy is because their income is too high to meet the needs test. If this is your situation, you may want to consider cutting down your work hours and thus your salary and then filing for a chapter 7 bankruptcy
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX understand that is why I don't qualify. I have been working my tail off to support myself and mt daughter. I can wait until September to file for seven, but in the meantime, do I continue to let my accounts go delinquent? I dont want to end up in court and have my wages garnished. Do you have any suggestions? Do I negotiate with creditors/collection agencies until September rolls around?
You can consider not paying on your credit cards. Prior to garnish wages, the creditor is required to file suit, prevail and obtain a judgment. You would appear to have sufficient time since you have not yet been sued
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