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Is putting down unreported income on a credit card application

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Is putting down unreported income on a credit card application fraud of the financial company I understand it's tax evasion. i think what would be the view of a bankrupcy court.
Can you clarify your question please.

Are you asking if it would be considered some sort of fraud to list unreported income on a credit card application?

Secondarily, are you asking it is tax evasion to not report income to the IRS?

What is your bankruptcy question -- ?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
To the first question yes would a banckrupcy cout judge likely consider it fraud ( of thecredit card company) if i had used unreported income to get a credit card.
to the second question
i am aware that not reporting income is a crime.
Well, if you actually state the income on your credit card application, then I am not sure how the credit card company could or would claim fraud. Of course, if you are lying about the income (ie: claiming you earn $ 200,000 per year as a cardiologist when in reality you earn $ 20,000.00 as a cashier), that would certainly be looked at unfavorably.

It is impossible to guess what a judge would or would not do in any particular case.

The creditor must file an adversary action seeking a determination that your particular debt should be considered non-dischargeable in the bankruptcy.

Of course, you are best served by retaining local bankruptcy counsel for advice and for proceeding with your bankruptcy.

Good Luck.

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