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I failed to remain current on post petition payments on mortgage

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I failed to remain current on post petition payments on mortgage during the pendency of bankrupcy due to momentary change in financial circurmstances (Sept 1 payment made Oct 30, Oct payment made Oct 31 and Nov 1 payment will be paid Nov 15) in which has been rectified (my financial situation has been rectified..the agency's budget which is one of my jobs took a month to approve in meantime was not paid). In addition, at the same time coincidentally I switched to a better paying position which took 3 weeks to get paid. A notice of motion for termination of automatic stay has been filed was filed on 11/3 to be heard on Nov 25. If I am current by Nov 15 by curing the default and make timely payments thereafter will I be able to keep my home
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Wappingers Falls, New York

Already Tried:
I attempted to contact my bankruptcy lawyer on 10/30 to appraise of situation and informed that financial circumstance is will be rectified by nov 15..he called on 11/6 & I missed his call...I have not made nov 1 payment yet but will by nov 15 & should be on time from then on..break in finances was due to budget cut @ on of my jobs that has been now reinstated in addition to my taking a better paying job (I'm a psychologist) but initial pay dates lagged 3 weeks behind prior to being regular every two weeks. Will there be a way to redeem this situation?

If you get caught up before the hearing, the judge should not allow the bank to take the home. The judge may warn that if you do this again, it will.


If you present your financial obstacles you've run into over the past few months, it should give you another chance.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you in advance...Does this also mean caught up with the trustee is 10 days late & will hand deliver by monday to his office...
Yes. You should have everything paid up before the hearing.