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I live at Woodport Aged Care at Erina NSW. It is run by the

Customer Question

I live at Woodport Aged Care at Erina NSW. It is run by the Salvos. I have live here since December 2014.
We have a new Care Manager by the name of Sandile Nzimande. Since his arrival, he has called me a "looser" and "no one likes me", plus a few other things. The management here says "just deal with it". I am paying his salary through my fees. I deserve to be respected. He is losing many good staff because of his ways.
We have residents meetings once a month and he NEVER comes, so he doesn't know what is happening during or after the meetings. We make suggestions, but they fall on deft ears. I even stopped going because nothing will be done.
I was a RN in both this country and in the USA. I still have my marbles. I see over worked nurses, lack of staff, etc. They put in ads, but the new nurses last a few weeks. It seems like they can't get along with him. I asked one nurse "what do you think of him?", her answer was "he never even says morning to me", and another "nurse just rolled her eyes". The Nurses who are here love nursing, want to help seniors, but they have to pay their bills, so they put up with him.
I am not the only one who has problems. Many times we don't get morning tea, afternoon tea or supper due to lack of staff. Many residents don't get their shower for the same reason.
I am the only one who has a computer and all my friends are happy I am making the complaint. We are hoping something can be done about Sandile Nzimande.
Thank you for looking into this problem
I can be reached on my mobile phone(###) ###-#### or my letter. My address is:
Sincerely yours,*****
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Australia Law
Expert:  Daniel replied 1 month ago.

Have you not spoken with Salvos directly?

I would be surprised if they do not act.

Secondly, you are a tenant, NCAT can perhaps assist you, being a tenant:

Something really needs to be done in respect of same. As per other options, clearly the other option is to go to the media, Today Tonight and other like minded shows always have such stories and they can create a situation where this persons employment be terminated.

I wish to help you in this situation.

Expert:  Daniel replied 30 days ago.

I note I still have not received a response?
I wish to help you in this situation.

Expert:  Daniel replied 29 days ago.

I note I have not received a response?
I wish to help you in this situation.

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