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I had a horrendous split up and divorce from a greedy x wife

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I had a horrendous split up and divorce from a greedy x wife who wouldn't sign divorce papers for 18 months (in total nearly 3 years or more) wanting more and more even tho I said 50/50 from day 1and I was suffering from major heart problems and couldn't workbut on a substantial disability payment,she walked out on me to go to another old boyfriend after( 35 years of pampering with over seas trips, i even helped pay for her mothers new house from an inheritance I received and in general she got everything she wanted. I even paid for her fathers grave 30 years ago or so and now the twist (you probably gather I hate everything she stands for) as I organised and paid for the grave I am in control of that grave ie they need my permission to put on a new plaque and also for her mother to be buried in it. obviously I don't mind either event but would like to get some payback on her disgusting treatment over the last 7 years . I would like an apology for her behaviour but know that wont happen. The cemetery trust not knowing the background think i'm a p---, I can live with that as that's what she told people for the previous 10 years. They say she can take legal action to get possession of the grave which I think is only right under any circumstances. if she gets a lawyer remembering at some point I will agree to signing over the rights (I,m just been a total bastard to get some payback) will I need a SOLICITOR to answer her demands through her solicitor ( I don't see why I would need one as I wont be fighting to win just totally inconveniencing her plans)and am I responsible for any costs forthcoming ie her solicitors or anyone else
many thanks

Hello and thank you for your question. Sounds like quite a ride you have been on.

If her solicitor starts making demands against you, you don't need to hire your own solicitor. You can deal with it yourself and can correspond with the solicitor yourself.

If the matter goes to court, and either she is successful or you end up settling, you will most likely need to pay her costs at that point. The theory behind it is that, if you don't cooperate and make her take legal proceedings to get what she wants, then you should have to pay her costs if she is successful.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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