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Council Rates in arrears by 5 years. Hi , I live at home

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Council Rates in arrears by 5 years.

Hi , I live at home with my mother, i am 24 and she is in her mid 60's and still working. I was cleaning up the house today and fell across a rate notice from the council (in Victoria) this year which has the rates at $1990 for this year, but then to my shock i see a $12,000 arrears amount and a note attached saying "your account has been reffered to a debt agency and the magistrates and is in the process of a summons being issued". What does this mean? Are they going to seize the house?

My mum has always had trouble managing her money, and i thought we had her back in control and i have bee putting monthly money in to help with bills but this is the first rates ive ever seen.

What will happen now? If i can talk to my mum about this do we go for a payment option over like 3 years maybe, this may mean i have to just pay this myself, or maybe half. Or, do we go for taking equity from the home as of late i have been persuading her of selling hte house and downsizing to something more affordable for her.

But for now, what should i so!

they are not going to take the home.

Speak to the debt collector and come to some arrangement for payment.

try and perhaps settle for half payment in full, or by installments at a higher amount, perhaps 3/4 of the amount.

You can also sell and downsize using the proceeds to pay that off also.

You need to act and negotiate now.

Speak with them and see if they will take a lesser amount. They should as they would need to pay for lawyers to chase you anyway, best settle now and move on.

Please accept.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Daniel.


All i saw was a rates notice with note attached, doesnt mention the debt agency. Is there a way i can negotiate this myself and find out who the agency is as i would rather clear my mothers name and pay it off in installments or a lesser amount and recoup the money myself later from the family, or is this something i need to sit her down and have her act on, albeit even still if im providing the financial means...




you need your mum to speak to them giving you authority.

You can then negotiate yourself with council.

you can also speak with the ombudsman:

Please accept.

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