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Hi, My home was water damaged in the storm of 22 November,2008.

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My home was water damaged in the storm of 22 November,2008. I had extensive water damage across the back of my home, and smalll garage, and the large garage door at the back blew out.

Hollard/Siemses Insurance company repaired the garage door quickly and the painting was carried out about the endo of March 2009. The painter who did the work stated that the ceiling was still wet and thhat I would have problems in the future. I did have extensive cracking but no mould. The ceilings show areas of bowing on the plaster joins. I had insulation inserted during the government's offer to subsidise.

I have had 4 assessors out. The first was from the company, the second, third and fourth were from independent companies. The last one from Real 36o said that the preparation of the gyprock at the time when the house was built, is the cause of the paint cracking. They have now stated that they are not to blame and are closing the case.

What do you advise that I do. Do I just forget about trying to make them do anything further or just get someone to strip the whole house of the plaster and start again? An impossibility as I am a pensioner.

I hope you can give me some useful help. Many thanks.

it seems like you do have a case against mismanagement of the matter.

I would strongly advise to file a complaint with the insurance ombudsman.

They will make a judgement call on the matter.

Please accept.
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