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Guys, I have had the usual Real Estate inspections

Resolved Question:

I have had the usual Real Estate inspections in the past six months, the last being only two weeks ago! I have been commended on the codition of the property with no wear/damage reported at all. I have just been informed the Owner requests an inspection because they are in town!!. My query is what if they are not happy with the property(which they have no reason at all to be) and they complain. The worst they could find is four large potted plants in very sick condition that have no reticulation too at all, but I have done my best to keep alive? I have no problem replacing them when I can afford too. Thereticulation is all home made and is constantly failing...I am told it was in working order when leasing so its on my head to sort it??.
Thanks for your time,
Regds Bruce.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Australia Law
Expert:  Patrick H. replied 5 years ago.

If there have been problems with the reticulation and you have reported this issue to the property manager, and did not otherwise cause them, then you should not be responsible for the plants.


If it is unclear why the reticulation has failed, you won't be responsible unless they can identify and prove that something you did has caused it's failure, unless it has been a long standing failure which you have not reported.


For more general information on your rights and obligations as a tenant, see the following link:


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I require to know if the Landord is unhappy with the property but the Real Estate Manager has not informed me of anything in the past inspections ..where do I stand. Obviously the Manager would want to keep the Landlords business
Expert:  replied 5 years ago.

If the manager is happy and the owner is unhappy it is really just a sign that either the manager is too easy going or the landlord is unreasonable. In either case, you can only deal with any specific complaints that the owner makes when they occur.


Your legal rights ultimately depend on the merits of any particular issue, and not whether you have a fussy landlord or not. The fact the managing agent has been happy is, however a promising sign.


I trust this assists.


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