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Lillian DuRen
Lillian DuRen, Lawyer
Category: Australia Law
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Hi, I have realised that something is going on at work. I

Resolved Question:

I have realised that something is going on at work. I am currently the accounts payable officer of a company (only person in charge), and I'm about to go on annual leave in 3 weeks time. I believe the General Manager doesn't like me too much. He has changed in one way my position. I used to be under my Manager, but now I am under the assistant accountant.
I overhead the HR Manager commenting that a person would be coming to the company one of these days, and my manager by mistake opened an email with a CV yesterday.
I've been with this company for 8 years. I didn't receive any training on the new software the company implemented. I did ask several times to my manager if there was any problems with my work, when I noticed something was going on at work. The answer I get from him, that he would tell me if anything is wrong. This company also owes me wages from 2006/2007. Could you please let me know what are my rights? I am also with the union.
Thank you.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Australia Law
Expert:  Lillian DuRen replied 7 years ago.

Dear XXXXXsy,


You should contact your union. If they do not assist, you should really go and speak with a lawyer. I do not know what your employer is trying to do, but the first thing that needs to be rectified is wages from 2006/07. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to explain why you took so long to do somthing about it. Also, I would be asking about training on the new software program. As long as you are not trained, they can push you out of the loop. Again, raise this issue with your Union.


You could consider raising ALL of your suspicions with your Manager and when he says nothing going on, push him on that, ask him abou the CV and why your job has been changed, etc. Do not just let this situation unfold without you having any control.


Good Luck

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