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52C850 dishwasher bought online Feb 2013. Using detergent tablets

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52C850 dishwasher bought online Feb 2013. Using detergent tablets and rinse aid. Regularly the tablet falls out of the dispenser and is still partially intact/undissolved on the base of the washer underneath the bottom rack at the end of the cycle.
What is causing this, and what should we do about it?
Thanks, Sue
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Its possible that not enough water is entering the machine.

When you next use the machine, wait for it to start the long wash.

Open the door and see how much water is above the filter and let me know.
Also, where is the tablet now?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Rob. I am in NZ so on a different time to you - hence the delays we will probably experience.

Next time we run the machine I will check the water level. When the tablet falls out of the dispenser I always find it on the base of the washer directly down from the dispenser as if the cover flips open and it falls out. It does not get flicked sideways and is very near the front edge of the tray, away from the filters and drain. Often it is stuck and quite dry

Hi Sue

The tablet isnt actually flicked out of the dispenser.
The dispenser flap opens and the rotating top spray arm has a jet in it, that washes the tablet out.
This then will fall, pretty much to the place you describe. BUT from there it should sit in the water and dissolve. Thats why I am asking about the depth of the water

Let me know what you find
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi again Rob - sorry for the long delay - my husband put the dishwasher on a couple of days ago but completely forgot we were to monitor the water level. The soap tablet dissolved and left no residue on that occasion.

Tonight, I checked the water level before the tablet dispenser opened and it was up to the top of the handle that removes the centre filter. Later, after I heard the dispenser open, the water was lower down - covering the filter and about halfway up the handle of the filter remover.

Now, the water is up the the top of the recess; the tablet is sitting in the water directly below the dispenser with the top of the tablet exposed.

Hope that helps?!

Hi Sue


I am wondering if its possible that there is sometning in the lower rack, below the dispenser, which is stopping the tablet from dropping into the water straight away?
This could be a large plate or bowl, possibly laying flat, that would stop the fall of the tablet.

Once the tablet has dropped into the water, it should then dissolve fairly rapidly as the water heats

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We are using the Regular/Eco setting. I'm not sure how many cycles there are or what they do, but it seems to be on a second 'wash' and is still cold i.e. no hot water or heat yet? The partly dissolved tablet is still sitting on the bottom of the machine.

Yes, an object on the bottom rack could have stopped the tablet from dropping all the way down at the start. Should we not be loading the left side of the bottom rack? We only do a wash when the machine is full

Hi Sue

I think you have a mix of a couple of problems.

By using the eco wash, this reduces the washing time, so reduces the amount of time available for the tablet to dissolcve. Also, if there is something stopping the tablet from dropping into the water straight away, this will make the situation even worse.

Look where the dispenser is, the tablet should fall straight down.
Try to keep that area fairly clear so as to allow the tablet to drop and this should resolve the issue for you

If you need more help, please just ask me.
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