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Ted Ritter
Ted Ritter, Toyota Master Tech
Category: Australia Car
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Experience:  Toyota Master Tech, ASE Certified
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The radiator fan of my toyota rav 4 2000 2l 3s fe is not

Customer Question

Hi, the radiator fan of my toyota rav 4 2000 2l 3s fe is not starting as it use to, it starts with a/c on. The relays are good, i looked for the fan switch but there isn t one, toyota dealer confirmed that. Just wondering what could be wrong, what starts the fan?
Submitted: 20 days ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 20 days ago.

hello, did you look at the bottom of the radiator, the fan switch should be there, it has a two wire connector on it. There has to be some sort of switch to turn the fan on and off, either it's at the bottom of the radiator or on the engine, I don't know why the dealer would tell you there isn't one.

Customer: replied 20 days ago.
I am sure it is not on bottom of radiator, on the outlet of engine there are two sensors, one for the temp gauge and an other one that i have been told is the ect sensor, if i unplug it the fan will start and engine alarm come on on dash board, but I am sure that is not the fan switch because i purchased one and it is different
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 20 days ago.

The switch you disconnect that makes the fan run is the control switch for the fan.

Customer: replied 20 days ago.
I tested this switch with a multimeter and the resistance is changing gradually while the engine is warming up , it went from 2000 ohm cold engine to 300 ohm warm engine. Can it be faulty anyway?
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 20 days ago.

When this switch is disconnected does the temperature gauge still work or not?

Customer: replied 20 days ago.
the gauge still works
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 20 days ago.

Ok then that switch is the one for the fan, try replacing it.

Customer: replied 18 days ago.
I did change the switch but the fan still doesnt work.
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 18 days ago.

I'll have to look at a wiring diagram again and get back to you, both fans run when the a/c is on is this correct?

What year is the RAV4?

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