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gomi_otaku, Technician
Category: Australia Car
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Experience:  VW Technician, VW FastTrack, VW Academy, VW Certified
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What causes the wailing noise when I apply my brakes in my

Customer Question

What causes the wailing noise when I apply my brakes in my 2005 Honda Euro. It is not a grinding noise like worn pads and the noise sounds like it is coming from behind the rear seat
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  gomi_otaku replied 1 year ago.

It could be a few things (or a combination of them)

If it happens when you first start driving after sitting, it could be that your rotors have built up some condensation and will develop light corrosion and will sound rough the first couple braking attempts.

Or, if your pads start wearing, they sometimes will get a thin "lip" at the leading edge of the pad that curls, and makes a horrible sound when it rubs on the pad. Most brake pads are chamfered at the front and rear edge to eliminate this, but if you have square edged pads, it's likely this will happen. In addition, a buildup of brake dust in front of the pad (like a snowplow) will also cause noise.

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