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Nissan navara d40: How do i adjust the control arms on my d40,

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How do i adjust the control arms on my d40, i hit a roo and now the insides of my tires are getting chewed out so i have to get the top of my wheels to tilt out some how, cant see anything bent so must be some way of adjusting it. Thanks

Scott :

Hi there,
Where did the 'roo contact? wheel or under the front?
You're more likely to have a toe-in issue than have upset the camber. Which ever way, you need to take it to a front end mechanic or at the very least to a tyre service for a wheel alignment. Tell both that you've hit something & to check for damage. The wheel aligner may not be able to do the work, but will tell you what's wrong..


How do adjust the toe- in, im trying to do as much as possible myself, i live about 500 ks north of mt isa so i dont think ill make it there

Scott :

First, jack up the front of the vehicle & make sure nothing is loose - grab the wheels & try & shake them. Sight under the front end for anything that looks bent/damaged.
It's almost out of scope to advise you on any wheel alignment adjustment verbally, but I'll try. If nothing is loose in the front end, drop the car back to ride height, centre the steering wheel & sight along the front wheel outers to the rear wheels. You want the fronts to be aligned with the rear, pointing straight ahead & parallel. Note what change needs to be made.
You then need to locate the tie rod adjusters which will be on the steering rods Loosen the nuts & screw/unscrew the adjusters in the appropriate direction to achieve 'parallel' wheels. Retighten nuts & test drive.
If the front end is damaged seriously or something is loose I wouldnt recommend driving it..
I hope this helps
Cheers Scott


Thanks Scot, the alignment looks fairly good but the top of right hand side front wheel is leaning into the car, its not vertical & when i drive it the inside of the wheel is getting chewed up and is doing the same on the other side as well but the roo only struck one side, any idea on how i can get them vertical.

Scott and other Australia Car Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Again,
Ok so it does indeed sound like a camber issue. Apologies for steering you in the wrong direction but it's unusual for camber adjustment to move unless something is bent or the wheel has been hit from the side..
Problem is that the late Navara's aren't engineered for camber adjustment. Apparently there's a single camber pin on the rear of the lower arm for caster adjustment, but none on the front leg of the arm, which would have made full camber adjustment possible.
Check the inner mount points of the lower control arms. Many have been retrofitted with the pin, esp if a lift kit has been fitted. Undoing the nuts & rotating the bolts will allow for some adjustment. Note well that changing the caster will change the other steering angles too, so do test drive before planning a long trip if you manage to correct the caster..

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