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Ford BAWagon: Hope you can help me. Have a BA Falcon Wagon,

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Hope you can help me. Have a BA Falcon Wagon, 170,000klms. [since new]Aprox 3 months ago I started getting sore eyes & throat when travelling only a short distance. I've had the exhaust system thoroughly checked, all ok. Yesterday [21st] I had the whole vehicle checked where they replaced the oxygen sensor, computer check & the catylitic converter replaced . [expensive] The problem is still there although not as bad. As the resale value is yuk but otherwise is vehicle is in really good condition, I'm reluctant to sell it is the best Ford I've ever had & I"ve driven 13 new Fords in 45 years. Hoping that you might have an answer to my problem. PS, uses no oil or any fluids. Many thanks, XXXXXX. [ XXXXXXXXXX [email protected]

Hello .
Sometimes a bug gets into the airconditioning and can cause a bad smell and irritations - or one or the other.
It can be killed and there is a spray bomb that you let off inside the car to take care of it - available at Autopro the last I checked. If not you local auto electrician should be able to do it for you.
Mechanic Martyn
ps. I agree keep the BA - great car.
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