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Audi A4: I have started to encounter a lot of issues with my

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I have started to encounter a lot of issues with my 2005 Audi A4 1.8T sedan recently (these all just started happening within days of each other and it seems like they might be related).

1) The coolant warning light has come on twice in the past few weeks, which was accompanied by the temperature gauge rising nearly into the red.

2) Another problem that I think is part of problem #1: I will be driving on the freeway and my engine temperature will actually begin to decrease (the needle is always in the center when the correct temperature), so that the engine temperature ends up halfway between a zero reading and the correct temperature.

3) A day or so after these two instances, I smelled an odor when I was at a fast food drive through that smelled somewhat like burnt clutch and/or burnt circuit board/electronics.

4) My air conditioner has started acting really strange and sometimes blows hot air on me on the coldest setting when I am parked, but after I get up over 50 mph or so, it starts making cold air.

5) The engine at idle when parked seems rougher and significantly louder than usual.

**The issues below are not as recent, but I would be interested in knowing what the causes/potential solutions to these issues are.

6) Sometimes when I am driving, I hear a whining sound (I think it may be the fuel pump) that just goes on endlessly.

7) My automatic trunk open/release function on the remote only works 3/4 of the time and I can hear it attempting to unlock the trunk other times, but it sounds like maybe the actuator isn't popping the lock hard enough. It seems to stop working when it's pretty hot out.
I'm wondering if you might not have a failed coolant pump- no heat removal due to no coolant flow when sitting/parked (and then no A/C) and then when driving fast the temp sensors are fooled because the moving air is cooling the radiator and surrounding coolant hoses, where the sensors are located.
Check to see if you have coolant flow into the reservoir through the small side overflow hose- you may need to pull it back slightly while running to see if there is coolant flow. Or you could remove it and point it into the open top of the reservoir, while someone revs the engine up to about 2000rpm.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for responding. Is this something that would result in increased engine noise and a rougher idle?


Do thermostats create that smell when they go bad?

If there is an issue with the coolant temp, and the system is reading a temperature that is not correct, it will throw off your fuel calculation. In addition, if it actually is the coolant pump, it could be causing noise because the pump is driven by the timing belt. Not a good thing to have let loose.
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