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Audi Allroad Quattro: I am researching a 2003 Audi Allroad

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I am researching a 2003 Audi Allroad with 85,00 miles and I would classify the body, trim and tires as very good condition. It has been well maintianed with all scheduled service work completed.
Other work done includes:
-Timing belt package,upper control arms bushings, rear brake pads at 77,000 miles.
-Replace front air springs, replaced front, outer CV boots at 54,000 miles.
-Brake and power steering systems flushed at 48,000 miles.
-Recall for fuel tank rollover valve at 42,000 miles
-Replace cam tensioner, valve cover gaskets and turbo oil return tube seals for oil leak at 37,000.

My question is: What is left to repair and once the major repairs have been done, are they reaccurring? What would be a resonable price to pay for this vehicle, sellar wants $11,000. Thanks for your input.

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The Allroad is a great platform and I really like them. That said they are very maintenance needy. It has shown to be on the lower end of the reliability scale as far as Audi goes. I would own one but I work on my own cars so I have an advantage.


The issues are all more than likely possible to return. The timing belt is normal maintenance so it would naturally have to be done again.


I don't price cars over the site - pricing is subjective and changes from region to region so go with a site like Kelly Blue Book or similar sites and compare yours to them.


Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you

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