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Dave-VAG, Technician
Category: Audi
Satisfied Customers: 844
Experience:  Over 3 years with audi and a licenced A4 and A6 technicain
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Audi A4: How to replace a convertible top motor on 2003 Audi

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How to replace a convertible top motor on 2003 Audi A4?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Audi
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replied 5 years ago.

Hi can you please confirm exactly which part of the convertible top you want to replace?



Customer reply replied 5 years ago.
I want to replace the motor which make the convertible top comes up and down. Thanks
Dave-VAG, Technician replied 5 years ago.

Hi thank you this unit is a hydraulic unit that is located inside the boot and you will need to remove the boot trims in order to get to it. Once you get to is you need to remove the pipework carefully and then unbolt and remove the unit. When you fit a new unit you will need to refill the hydraulic system and bleed it all through for it to work correctly.


To bleed the system you just fill the reservoir up and then operate the roof for 4 or 5 times and this will bleed it through. Once you have done that you just need to recheck the level and it should all then be ok.


I hope this is the information that you are looking for but if not please let me know what else you are looking for.



Customer reply replied 5 years ago.
Is this instruction to remove the hydraulic pump, the motor, or are they the same? My question is for the motor that makes the pump move. I think we're the same page. Thanks
Customer reply replied 5 years ago.
Wheres the punp located?
Dave-VAG, Technician replied 5 years ago.

Hi that was to replace the complete unit and it should be on the left hand side in the boot behind the trims.


I have looked and it does show that you can remove the motor on the pump and the picture for this is below for you.




I hope this helps you further.



Customer reply replied 5 years ago.
I changed the convertible tip motor and the tip still not working. What do you think is the problem?
Dave-VAG, Technician replied 5 years ago.
Hi exactly what happens when you try to operate the roof please?
Customer reply replied 5 years ago.
Nothing happen, when I pressed the button.
Dave-VAG, Technician replied 5 years ago.

Hi these are fairly complicated systems and there are various sensors, switches and motors on the roof. The normal way to diagnose these is to have the fault memory checked to see if it shows up a fault code with any of the sensors.


The most common one that we commonly replaced was the sensor in the top of the windscreen as this one told the car when the roof was fully closed and locked in to place.


I would presume that you have all ready checked all the fuses before going this far but if not I would do this next.



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