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2000 A6 2.8L. The EPC light came on and enabled the throttle.

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I have a 2000 A6 2.8L. The EPC light came on and enabled the throttle. Faults P1171 angle sender 2 for throttle valve drive G188 signal implausible, P1542 angle sender 1 for throttle valve drive G187 implausible signal and P1545 throttle valve control system malfunction are popping up. Anybody else seen this movie? Thanks
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How are you resetting the basic settings in the throttle body ?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am resetting the throttle body after clearing the MIL by going into basic settings and entering 060. After that recalibrates the throttle body and says adaptation ok. Than I enter 063 and step on the throttle kick down switch to recalibrate that and it reads adaptation ok. Than I start the car and the idle surges a little like its searching for something. Than when I give it gas and let off real quick the EPC light comes on and throws either the P1171 or P1542 fault. The same fault comes back even after replacing the throttle body and gas pedal. What is the fault refering to when it says angle sender 1 for throttle valve. The gas pedal or the throttle valve (body)? Does the ECU need to be reflashed? Thanks, Scott
Did you replace it with a new audi throttle body?? this fault is for the angle sender in the throttle body not in the pedal . Have you also checked the wiring from the throttle body to thew ecm?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes l replaced it with a new Audi throttle body with the same part number and the same faults are still coming back. I have not checked the wiring yet? Justy follow the throttle body wires back and look for breaks? Can I check for certian readings at the throttle connector like power or continuitty? Also when l reset the kick down switch, the percentage seems to be consistant with the pedal. Not sure if thats rellevant.
You know you have power at the throttle body because you are able to set readiness you will need to make sure you measure the resistance in between the ecm and throttle body make sure the resistance is not high in the wiring. I hope this helps.

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