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Audi A4: i smell exhaust fumes when i run the air conditioner

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hello, i smell exhaust fumes when i run the air conditioner in my audi A4 2001. how can i get it to stop? my hair ends up smelling like exhaust fumes all day when i run in on way into work. yuck.

Which model Audi do you drive?


What size engine is in the car? turbo charged?


Is your exhaust loud?

Thank you, Jim

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
A4 2.8
no exhaust is not loud
smells like gas
also noticed that it smells when window is open
What year? I will look for service bulletins pertaining to your year and model. Also, Is your service <check> engine light on by chance? Jim
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It's a 2001 Audi A4. Yes, it does have a check engine light that comes on periodically--it happened after I took to mechanic and they reset it. They said that it was a bad sensor that was causing the light to come on but we did not replace sensor yet.
I checked for Audi service bulletins and didn't find anything pertaining to your concern. From your description I would say that there is possibly a small fuel leak around the engine compartment or depending on which sensor needs replacement could be making your Audi consume more fuel than needed<running rich> which the odor you are smelling is un burnt or raw fuel. I would get it to a shop and have the fuel system checked for leaks first, because if there is a leak in the engine compartment it could cause a fire and plus the fumes could make you sick and who likes to have gas smelly hair. Jim
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