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I have a USS Arizona coin that was given to sailors once

Customer Question

I have a USS Arizona coin that was given to sailors once they crossed the equator. It is dated May 20, 1936 and is made of brass, I believe. The blank part on the back where the sailors name would have been engraved is left blank. Where can I find out more about it and its worth?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Appraisals
Expert:  Appraiser JM replied 10 months ago.

Hi, my name is*****'m a certified appraiser, and I'd be happy to help.

This is what's known as an equator token.

(Battleship afloat with Neptune below) / MAY 20, 1936 // THIS CERTIFIES THAT THE BEARER / HAS BEEN / DULY initiated/ (nameplate) / INTO THE SOLEMN / MYSTERIES OF THE / REALM OF / THE RAGING MAIN Bronze 24mm (Shellback Medal - Unlisted)

The shellback medal was presented when the U.S.S. Arizona crossed the equator.

A number of ships had these, but those from the Arizona are notable because of it's later history. U.S.S. ARIZONA 1916-1942. The sinking of the U.S.S. Arizona by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor propelled America into World War II.

Depending on condition, the resale value is in the range of $400 - $600.



Expert:  Appraiser JM replied 10 months ago.

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Jennifer Maslowski

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