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Glenda B.
Glenda B., Antiques and Collectibles Appraiser
Category: Appraisals
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Experience:  40+ yrs. Experience, 40+yrs. Dealer buying/selling antiques.14+ yrs. Antique Store Owner. Member of AOA, AADA. Advanced studies in Antiques at University of Arkansas at Little Rock.
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I have an antique painting that is in need of cleaning and

Customer Question

I have an antique painting that is in need of cleaning and restoration. As far as I can tell, there is now signature, but the style is old world, heavy ornate gold frame. I would like to know if it is worth cleaning and perhaps restoring if it has enough value. It has been in the family for at least 3 generations.
I have a picture to show you but don't know how to load it up.
Regards, ***** ***** Maine
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appraisals
Expert:  Kim D. replied 1 year ago.
Hello. My name is***** and I am a certified appraiser with 25 years in a museum and in the field much it with high quality fine art. I am happy to help.
It is a bit difficult to tell what the quality is exactly from this angle? However it does have a stylized hand that is interesting.
The frame is in good shape and is a fine presentation in gilt..and would have value. Yet the date of the piece would seem to be in the range of 1925-1940 from the composition, subject and artist technique. It would be helpful to have an artist name, regardless as the value could be fairly good if it is a known or listed artist.
Only a conservation lab could tell you this once it did some level of cleaning. Possibly they could tell with a black light before treatment so you would have a bit more to go on.
I have worked with conservators throughout the US and know some of the most skilled labs and would be happy to help you find a few to choose from not too far from you. What are the largest cities in your region that you might be able to visit? If there are a few - please note them or if you would rather simply provide your zip code.
I do think this would be worth an appointment and meeting if nothing else to learn more about the work. Then if a treatment plan is in order you could decide with them.
Conservation can be quite expensive so this artist name is ***** ***** whether you may want to go that direction.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Kim D.
Expert:  Kim D. replied 1 year ago.
Hello. I am just following up to see if we can find you a lab to take this to in your area.
Or do you have any other questions..are you looking for a general idea of value?
It is a bit hard to see from the angle of the photograph. I could assist with a better idea of value with a bit better image.
Yet please tell me how I can help. I have worked with labs across the US as a curator of paintings at a major museum for 20 years. Thus I do know that their eyes can be a great asset as well as their tools in the lab to see underneath dirt and lacquers for signatures...and they will meet with the public to do an overview of your work with an appointment.
I hope that I haven't lost you.
Kim D.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your help Kim. I think it needs to be seen in person and then perhaps I can give you more about the background.Will try a call, but I have already paid for the consult and not really got much more information than I already know. It may make sense to have a lab look at cleaning. Will investigate further.Regards, Richard
Expert:  Kim D. replied 1 year ago.
No problem. If you find out more please return and I would be happy to take a look again at your work with more information.
As well, you now have this post started, so if you can not find a lab that suits you, I would be happy to provide options.
If the question closes, address any post to Kim D. and the team will find me. No problem.
Be in touch,
Kim D.

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