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Kim D.
Kim D., Certified Appraiser & Antique Expert
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how much is kundo dome clock 1950s worth 400day

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how much is kundo dome clock 1950's worth 400

Do you have any images? This is in very good condition so I suspect it is working, but I like to ask? What is the shape of the face and is it all original? Dome etc. An Anniversary clock correct? I am happy to help. Dori

PS if you can add to our description it is fine to not have images since this is a known model.

Here are email directions the other option is very easy and is free and liked by many patrons - - download there and copy and paste a link here in the window so I can find it on the site.

Email takes a day or so as it goes through our support staff to us as experts

Send images to:

[email protected]

Include in the subject line Dori in antiques so our support team know what this relates to and who to send it to...just remember patience is key with such a busy support staff. Images can take time to get here.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I can;t read German but I think it says 400 day anniversary clock.It has a round silver face with gold spots for the numbers. It is on agold stand with gold movements and the original glass dome it runs very well.

Thank you for the information. I will be back shortly. I want to take a good look at the data and I have a few patrons online.

I appreciate your patience. But I am here!

Hello - I am back with some good and bad news.


I hope you will fully understand that I am providing data backed by solid market information (from major clock auctions, general antique sales and high end antique auctions) but it may not be what you want to I hope you will hear me out.


The fair market value (based on actual sales at high end clock auctions Worldwide) of these Kundo 400 day anniversary clocks from the 1950's in wonderful condition, as you noted, was in the range of 200.00-250.00 (USD) ten years ago! However with the Economy the way it has been and clock sales slumping the last two years of major indicators show that the fair market value stands between 90.00-115.00 (USD)..with many many of these vintage pieces in very good condition falling even short of these numbers...


The key here is that yours is in very good condition with this desirable detailed gold face as opposed to simple porcelain..and.. it runs very well! All of these things make for a high end range to your particular model and mint condition pieces always pull through the poor markets and do fine.


Studying the retail markets these clocks are doing a bit better and being sold at 165.00-170.00 (USD) so with time these will pull back up to earlier market values.


I hope this helps and encourages you to hold on to this well preserved Kundo 400 day clock for a bit. It maybe helpful to know that the replacement/insurance value today would be 145.00 (USD) based on our fair market values of the clock in 2012. Not a great time but a nice clock that deserves to be sold at its value.


All my best, Dori

Kim D. and other Appraisals Specialists are ready to help you

Thank you. If you have other items of interest, I would be happy to work with you again. I really enjoy seeing my return patrons.

Just put "Dori" at the head of any questions you post and it will be sent to my inbox so I can help you first. No waiting and I am always here to assist when you need it!

Best wishes, Dori

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