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We have a KUDS24SE and the latch that opens the door is

Customer Question

We have a KUDS24SE and the latch that opens the door is broken.
How can we open it?
Submitted: 11 days ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Kelly replied 11 days ago.

Thanks for counting on us to help with your appliance problem. My name is ***** ***** I look forward to helping you!

Expert:  Kelly replied 11 days ago.

If the latch is broken, you will have to use a screwdriver to attempt to poke up beside the handle to release the latch. TURN THE POWER OFF AT THE BREAKER FIRST, THERE IS POWER AT THE DOOR SWITCHES!

Let me know what happens.

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
I have done that but nothing. Spent maybe 20 minutes poking around with a table knife and a screwdriver.
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
Any other suggestions?
Expert:  Kelly replied 11 days ago.

IT can be a real nightmare to do, that really is the only way unless you can gain access to the top of the machine. However, it is likely secured into the cabinet. You can use a drill bit to drill up through the handle, to better access the latch. It will all be replaced as an assembly anyway.

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
if I break the plastic latch it will cause no more damage than is necessary?
How much does the assembly cost and where do I order it?Thanks
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
Still there?
Expert:  Kelly replied 11 days ago.

It depends on the rest of the model number. There are many missing characters I need to get you the correct handle/latch assembly. Some models use a separate handle and some have it all together.

Expert:  Kelly replied 11 days ago.

Worst case scenario, you need to replace both parts. The diagram at the link below shows the number 5 that pushes up the latch.


Customer: replied 11 days ago.
What I gave you was the model number on the user guide. No other symbols.
Expert:  Kelly replied 11 days ago.

The model tag is, you guessed it, behind the door on the tub.....

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
What's the tub?
Expert:  Kelly replied 11 days ago.

Where the dishes are loaded.

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
unless I open the door I can't see it.Correct?
Expert:  Kelly replied 11 days ago.

That is correct. If you drill a hole right in the center of the handle, you should be able to use a needle nose to grab the metal actuator rod to push up the latch to release the lock.

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
Getting a hole large enough to use the needle nose took a while but shining light up there do not see anything to latch onto.Taking lunch break now. Is this rod running in from the door?
How wide is it?
Expert:  Kelly replied 11 days ago.

It sits right in the middle of the handle. When the handle is pushed up, it pushes on the latch to release the lock. See it below....


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