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Our dryer, model WTE86300US/01, only works on the timed dry

Customer Question

Our dryer, model WTE86300US/01, only works on the timed dry setting - and only for the 40 minute setting. On all other settings, it works for a couple of minutes and then stops. Any solution?
JA: What's the make and model of your dryer? And can you guesstimate how old it is?
Customer: WTE86300US/01. FD8608200393.
JA: Do you plan on doing the work yourself?
Customer: Only it it's a very easy fix!
JA: Anything else we should know to help you best?
Customer: It's about 10 years old and was given to us recently by a neighbor who no longer wanted it, when our Bosch dryer drum stopped rotating.
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Kelly replied 6 months ago.

Thanks for counting on us to help with your appliance problem. My name is ***** ***** I look forward to helping you!

Expert:  Kelly replied 6 months ago.

Inside the dryer are two metal strips that sense the moisture in the clothes. The clothing passes over the strips and create an electrical path with the moisture in them. The metal strips sense the resistance in that electrical path and send that resistance reading to the control. The control then reads the resistance reading, interprets the resistance and from that reading determines how long the dryer needs to run. The less moisture in the clothing, the higher the resistance. The problem is that over time, detergent and softener residue builds up on the metal sensor strips and creates an insulating barrier between the strips and the clothing. Since the strips cannot sense the moisture in the clothing because of this barrier, it sends a high resistance reading to the control. The control then interprets that to mean that the clothes are dry and shuts off prematurely. You will need to clean those strips with a Scotch Brite pad, steel wool, sand paper or other abrasive to remove that barrier. Let me know what happens.

Expert:  Kelly replied 6 months ago.

Were you able to locate those strips for cleaning?

Expert:  Kelly replied 6 months ago.

Cleaning those strips should solve the issue you are having with your dryer.

Please know that I am compensated by the site only after you offer a rating at the top of the page. It is my goal to provide 5 star service!

Please know I am here if you have follow up questions! Thank you so much!

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I steel-wooled those blades again, and the problem persists. I don't see anything else that looks like a "metal strip".
Expert:  Kelly replied 6 months ago.

Can you post a picture of what you cleaned, please?

Expert:  Kelly replied 6 months ago.

See the attached page. Is this what you cleaned?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I see nothing that looks like the schematic. I took a picture of the drum on my phone. How can I send it to you?
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
See attached photo
Expert:  Kelly replied 6 months ago.

That picture I sent you is on the inside of the machine, on the filter housing, back side of the front panel.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Finally found the two strips and steel-wooled them twice. But the machine still cuts off after a couple minutes on all settings except timed try - which takes at least two 40 minute cycles, presumably because it's preset to warm only.Any other ideas? If it's repairable, how much would it cost, do you think? Would it be better just to buy a new machine?Thanks-
Expert:  Kelly replied 6 months ago.

If it is taking two 40 minute runs to dry, you have an air flow issue. Remove the vent from the back and try a load. Any change?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
This is a condensation dryer, so I'm not sure it has an air vent? Want to make sure before I go to the trouble of pulling it out of the closet, which is quite a feat.
Expert:  Kelly replied 6 months ago.

Hmm, the model shows different in the service information, sorry for the confusion. If it is a condenser dryer, it does not have a vent. I apparently have the wrong information for the model you provided so I am going to place your question back to the list.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
What does it mean to put it back to the list? Will another technician give it a crack?