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Joel Swenson
Joel Swenson,
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I have a Kitchenaid Ksrg25fkss side by side refrigerator. I

Customer Question

I have a Kitchenaid Ksrg25fkss side by side refrigerator. I noticed today that my refrigerator side is only at 50 degrees, but the freezer is still working. Evaporator fan working, condenser fan working, no blocks off ice, coils reasonably clean . . Any ideas?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Joel Swenson replied 8 months ago.

Hello, I'm Joel and will be glad to help you today.

Please give me a few minutes to review your question and prepare your answer as I may need to look up part numbers, schematics, etc;

Thank you for your patience.

Expert:  Joel Swenson replied 8 months ago.

You will need to look at the frost pattern on the evaporator you should have a slight frost over the entire coil from top to bottom, if not the unit has a sealed system issue. It has a leak somewhere and is low on freon and the evaporator is not getting cold enough to bring the temperature of the unit down low as it should. However if the frost pattern looks good then there is an airflow issue somewhere the refrigerator gets its cooling from the freezer side, the evaporator fan circulates air to the refrigerator section through a damper at the top left of the inside of the refrigerator, make sure that damper is opening and allowing air flow into the refrigerator section. In most cases though this issue is going to be a sealed system issue. The freezer may be freezing or below but its not getting cold enough, the freezer should be somewhere from 10 degrees to -1 degrees F if the unit is working properly. Let me know if you have any questions or need more help, thanks. In the meantime please read below:


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Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I think you are correct, I think there is a sealed system issue. I have a new symptom for you. I turned up the setting to see if I could get the refrigerator section colder, and I was able to get it to 45 degrees, almost there! Right? Yeah, but now the seperating wall between the freezer and the fridgerator is HOT, and I mean hot. Almost too hot to touch. If it is a compressor refrigerant issue, whats the repair?
Expert:  Joel Swenson replied 8 months ago.

Yes that heat you are feeling in the separator is where the high side line runs through the wall to heat it to keep moisture from building up on the outer panel, but when it gets real hot like that either the condenser coil is very dirty (which you say is not the case) or there is a sealed system issue because the pressure is way to high. So yes unfortunately it sounds like you have a sealed system issue. Now as far as the repair, that is not going to be a DIY job, firstly the tools needed to do the repair are in the range of 1k and secondly you must be licensed in your state to open a sealed refrigerant system. The tech will have to put gauges on the system to see if the system is low or if it has a restriction blocking the flow of freon, he can tell this by the pressures on the system. Then depending on the outcome he will either need to find the leak, repair the leak pull a vacuum on the system and recharge it, if the leak is in the evaporator that will have to be replaced as well. If its a restriction he will have to blow the system out with high pressure nitrogen and replace the filter dryer on the unit and in some cases the evaporator will need to replaced as well just depends. At any rate this is a very expensive and time consuming repair.

Expert:  Joel Swenson replied 8 months ago.

Hi there,
I was just getting back with you, I see the question is still open and unrated and I have not heard back from you is there something else I can help you with?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
since I last talked to you I went to purchase a new unit, and then came home to discover the refrigerator was working just fine. It came back to the desired temp and maintained it for awhile, in fact maintained it until I just noticed it having a problem this morning. This leads me to believe that the sealed portion of the unit is just fine, but that something else is going on. Basically the refrigerator side is working intermittently. Possibly a control board issue? Thermostat?
Expert:  Joel Swenson replied 7 months ago.

the only other thing that could be causing that is the condenser fan motor is bad, check and see if the fan is running next to compressor, and watch it. It could be intermittent or not running at all.