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My bosch GRL300hv laser level will not turn on, put in fresh

Customer Question

my bosch GRL300hv laser level will not turn on, put in fresh batteries and nothing. Just used last week and worked great. Unit was bought last summer 2015. Please help
Submitted: 3 months ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Webb-Guy replied 3 months ago.

Hello and welcome to Just answer. My name is ***** ***** I will be the one to try and assist you today. Let me try and look up some information for you and I will be back with your shortly.

Expert:  Webb-Guy replied 3 months ago.

On duty battery failure

In some cases the battery of the rotary laser level device might fail (See Amazon Batteries) suddenly during the operation and the rotary laser level device might stop working, forcing the operation and work to be stopped in the middle of process. This might be a great risk in construction areas where the work needs to be done in one go.

Solution for this problem: to minimize the risk of battery failure during the time of any work or operation, one can connect the rotary laser with an external power supply or DC power source.

Tip: one must always connect the rotary laser level device to the external power supply only through the combined AC/DC converter and battery charger that was provided along with the rotary laser level equipment. If some other materials are used, it may cause permanent damage to the rotary laser level.

Expert:  Webb-Guy replied 3 months ago.

Rotary device not responding

Sometimes the rotary in the rotary laser level stops responding, making the device unable to perform any necessary rotary functions. It can be a big problem for construction sites.

Solution for this problem: one should check the rotary laser level thoroughly. The batteries and connection must be checked and if both are alright, then the joint of the rotary must be checked, for any existing corrosion. If there is any corrosion, then some anti-corrosion ointments can be applied to clean the corrosion.

Tip: the rotary laser level must be checked regularly. If required, the rotary laser level must be sent for professional repairing.

Expert:  Webb-Guy replied 3 months ago.

These problems are minor and the rotary laser level can be adjusted in order to make it work properly yet again. Along with the tricks and tips for various troubleshooting, maintenance of the rotary laser level is very important as, if the device is not maintained properly; it would not take time for the rotary laser level to be damaged permanently. So here are some of the maintenance tips that are very important to remember;

  • The device must be always kept in cool and dry place in a range of -10° F to 55° F.
  • If in case the device gets wet, it should be cleaned with a dry towel. The rotary laser level must not be put into the case until it is totally dried. The device must not be dried near fire or with electric dryer.
  • The device should not be dropped or kept in areas with constant vibrations. It must not be handled roughly and the user has to be extra careful.
  • The calibration must be checked regularly.
  • The outer part of the device should be cleaned with a soft towel dampened in water and little soap solution. Strong detergents, cleaning liquids or other chemicals must not be used to clean the device.
  • The laser aperture of the rotary laser level can be cleaned by rubbing with a lint-free soft cloth moistened with special isopropyl alcohol.
  • The detection window of the laser detector can be cleaned by using a glass cleaning solution.

Rotary laser level is a complicated device, but if one knows how to handle the device, then using it is not a big problem.

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