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Aloha, I have a Trauslen M#RTD332WUT-HHS, S#T03743H05, 134A

Customer Question

Aloha, I have a Trauslen M#RTD332WUT-HHS, S#T03743H05, 134A refer, 404A freez. When I came on it, both coils were 50% frozen in clear ice and the condensers looked like greasy pool table tops. Cleaned the mess up, adjusted the set points, adjust the charge.(freez over, ref under, too bad one could not be put into the other) Seem to be running OK for now. Problems: Refer cab temp reads 126deg F but actual 37 deg F. Is it a naughty temp probe or controller, more importantly the compressor has been by passed with a t-stat 1 leg to black to compressor other to dark blue from relay box? I have no wiring digram. Freezer: at 3.7deg F I have flashing SNR FAL CAL SER.
Any thoughts, Thanks Mo.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Phil replied 9 months ago.

Hello, the 127F anomaly could be a bad sensor or a bad electronics module that is reading the sensor badly. Remove the sensor wires at the controller and measure its ohm reading as you warm the sensor in your hand... if the reading fails to change it is a bad sensor... if the ohm reading varies evenly as you warm and cool the sensor then it it most likely a bad controller.

OR... just replace the sensor, those are not expensive and see how it goes.

I will see if i can find the wiring diagram for you in my files.

Expert:  Phil replied 9 months ago.

No luck in my files on a wiring diagram, about how old do you think the unit is, and how long as the jerry rigged thermostat and relay been in place.

If it has been there for years, know that it at least can simply replace any of its failed components to get it working again when it fails.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.

Just going by the S# ***** might guess 05, as to how long the stat has been on just looking at it I would say a year more or less, not clean clean but not as dirty as the top of the unit. While the unit was running I did put my thumb on the cab sensor and noted a temp rise. With that it made me wonder did they put the stat on because of a bad sensor or did they replace the sensor and no change so they put the stat on? So basically is it a bad sensor or controller or does adding the stat change the value of the sensor? It seems that the refer goes into defrost about every 45 minutes for about 10 minutes by the read out on the controller, but the compressor keeps running so I'm assuming they grabbed power from before the relay box which is why I would like the wiring digram. I do want to take that dang stat out.

Thanks Mo

Expert:  Phil replied 9 months ago.

Hello again Mo, send me a photo of the traulsen name plate, maybe I can see an error in the model number translation.

Installing a thermostat would not affect the sensor read.

You are correct however, this unit is a mess and we need the wiring diagram.

Expert:  Phil replied 9 months ago.

Use the paper clip icon on the right end of the tool bar, or the attach files link to left of your send button to attach the photo

Customer: replied 9 months ago.


Is there a temp ohm chart for those probes?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.

Just got from Traulsen:


Hopefully you can open these

Expert:  Phil replied 9 months ago.

Hello again, those are macintosh user files apparently, neither open here for me.

Ohm / temperature charts are sometimes provided by manufacturers but not generally, thermistor failure can usually be detected by erratic ohm changes with temperature or no change, shorted or open ohm readings.

Expert:  Phil replied 9 months ago.

Did you get the wiring diagram by using the model number you provided in your original question, or is there a different model number?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.

Should be for the M# ***** been real busy last few days have not spent any time on this. Sorry, will work on it tonight.

Thanks Mo.

Expert:  Phil replied 9 months ago.

That will work

Customer: replied 9 months ago.




See if you can openly of these, although it does not look like it. Is there an e mail address I can send it to that might work.

Thanks Mo.
Expert:  Phil replied 9 months ago.

Hello again, those are your files, and attached ONLY to your computer, they need to have URL addresses,

You post them to any and send me the URL address on the page they are on, then I will be able to read them.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.

Let's see if this works:

https:[email protected]/shares/74MD2c

Checked out, cool


Expert:  Phil replied 9 months ago.

Hello again, thanks for the pictures.

That apparent wiring diagram is not one actually, it shows mostly the components but only about half of the wiring details.

I would leave the existing thermostat bypass in place and at the most replace the bad thermistor or display module.