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I have a cabrio HE top loader for about years. Whirlpool fixed

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I have a cabrio HE top loader for about years. Whirlpool fixed an F51 code issue by sending out a technician to fix as recall. About a year now and we started getting an F1 error code right after start and the door began to lock. Just had to reset and begin a couple of times and it would complete a wash. After several months of that issue, now, after draining, it began displaying an F50 code and would not spin and rinse after draining water. I checked for codes and got F50 and F68.
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So both F50 and F1 mean the same thing for the most part. They both mean that your main control board is experiencing an internal short. Now F1 means that the EEPROM on the control board is experiencing an internal short, and F50 means that something to do with the motor control segment of the board is having an internal short. Either way, that main relay control board in the back right corner of your control panel will need to be ordered and replaced to fix this issue. Below is a link to the part you'd need to order as well as a link to a video that shows you how to replace the part.

CLICK HERE for video

CLICK HERE for part

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

O.K. What about the F68 code and, in regards XXXXX XXXXX F1/F50 code indicating a need to replace the control board, is there any possibility that the connections to the relay could be an issue rather than the relay itself. There is some corrosion.

The F68 really has nothing to do with this issue since it only pulled up during the diagnostics routine and could be years old for all we know. But at for the relevant error codes, there is no possibility of a bad connection or corrosion causing these errors. Possibly an F51 error which you've already fixed int eh past, but that wouldn't cause these errors.

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