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Our Maytag 5000 Series with Steam washer became off-kilter

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Our Maytag 5000 Series with Steam washer became off-kilter when I put in a bathroom rug that was too heavy. I took it out and dried it outside. When I did a new regular load, and again tried washing sheets, I get an error message "F20" and have to pull the plug and restart on the spin cycle to complete the load. We are in a rental house and I have no paperwork to refer to. How do I clear the LED message?
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So Maytag uses a flow meter that detects the flow of water entering the washer. If this flow meter does not detect the correct amount of water entering the washer it will sound the F20 error code. Often this repair can be made with out calling an appliance repairman and without ordering parts. Start by removing the washer fill hoses; both the cold and the hot water hoses. Check for proper water pressure from the house. To do so, turn the water on and put the hose inside the washer or a bucket.

If water pressure is good, check the water valve inlet screens. Most residential washing machines have inlet screens. The screens prevent minerals from clogging the solenoid. With the hoses removed, you can visually inspect the water inlet screens. If the water valve screens are clear the inlet valve with the screens itself will need to be replaced. To replace the water valve, remove the top of the washing machine. Three screws hold the top down. The screws that hold the top down are on the back of the top panel. Once removed the top will slide back and off. Now remove the wire harness that connects to the valve. One screw holds the valve to the washers cabinet. Removing the screw and sliding the valve over will release the valve from the back panel enabling you to complete your repair.

One last thing to check is the fill hoses. These front load washers call for a lot of water quickly. So if you have stainless steel braided flood-safe hoses, they will trip for no reason at all. Replace these flood safe hoses with more traditional hoses.  If the hoses are good and you haven't found anything slowing down the flow of the water, your electronic inlet water valve is just faulty on the back of your washer and will need to be replaced because it's just not allowing water flow into the washer correctly.

Now sense the error code doesn't seem to appear until the rinse cycle, it sounds like your cold water is going to be the issue because rinse only uses cold water and the wash will always use hot and cold water which will make it quicker to fill up the tub.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Did this problem occur because I overloaded the machine, or is it possibly related to the hard water here in Kansas?

It would be much more likely to be related to hard water. That often causes the valves to not allow the electronic water valve to fill the tub fast enough and it will time out. But this is a process over time and gradually diminish the flow of water until it gets to the point where you get an error code.

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