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I have a Frigidaire upright freezer Model FFU17C23AW0 that

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I have a Frigidaire upright freezer Model FFU17C23AW0 that is giving me problems with suction on the door when it closes. In other words the suction does not work the majority of the time. Please help!?

Hello Lewis my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for choosing our service.

I did not miss the part about your door not closing properly. I just want to ask though because it is related. Does your freezer cool normally when you keep the toolbox in front of the door?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So far, because it just occurred.

Thank you Lewis. Actually what holds your door shut is the closer. There are 2 pieces. There is the part that mounts into the bottom of the door and the matching part shown in the video linked below. Click the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see the video. Near the end at the part where the guy puts the door back onto the lower hinge if you watch very close you can see the part attached to the bottom of the door. The video only shows how to replace the lower hinge part. I tried to look up the part numbers but I can only get access to the same part shown in the video. You may need the part that goes into the door as well. Look at them close and you can see how the beveled shape forces the door to remain closed.

Take your model number to an appliance parts store to get those 2 parts. They should cost less than $15 and the video shows you how to get the door off and change the hinge side. The door side should be as easy.

That will take care of it, if you have any questions please ask. If not then please leave a rating for me. Those are very important.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I know you are talking about a latch, but this freezer has a suction action that occurs when the door is closed and pulls the door in tight. Your response does not mention anything about the suction process? Could you explain that process (it sounds like blowing/sucking air) that pulls in the door for a more secure hold? Thx.

Lewis I just added the second video so go back and look again at the same page. I linked it again at the bottom here. The part numbers areNNN-NN-NNNNfor the door side. And 216503300 for the hinge side. These are door closers that are on the hinge to hold the door closed. Not a latch.

Once these are mounted the door can be released and shuts without a push.

There are valves on the bottom of the door that release the air when the freezer is cold. Then the door sucks itself in as air is released. The door needs to remain shut for this to happen before you can open it and release it to hear that air. This however is temporary. If those closers are worn between the lower hinge and the bottom of the door once the suction is over the door will open.

The 2 vents are at the bottom of the door and there is one on each side of center. If you wanted to replace these you pop them out with a screwdriver and push the new ones in. These are part numbers
5309950074. You will need 2 of these and they work sort of like check valves. Be sure to watch the video's though. These are the parts that hold the door closed. There are 2 of them.


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