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Whirlpool dishwasher ADP60001x showing error 4 and not continuing

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Whirlpool dishwasher ADP60001x showing error 4 and not continuing to operate.....please help

Jon : Hello
Jon : my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an authorized whirlpool service tech and I can help you today.
Jon : the e4 error or f4 error for your machine is an overflow fault for when there is too much water in the dishwasher.
Jon : There is a float switch in the bottom of the tub that will sense when there is the appropriate amount of water inThe tub. The float will float up as the water fills in the tub and as it gets to the right height it will activate the switch. The switch will send a signal to the control to stop the flow of water coming in.
Jon : i would first a,e sure there is nothing stuck under the float.
Jon : Open the door to the dishAnd look to the bottom of the tub. Remove the bottom rack and pull the dome like plastic peice up and down. You should here a click after only pulling it up and inch or two. If you here the click you mayhave reset the switch so try it again.
Jon : if it works fine then you should be good.
Jon : if not, or if you don't here the click then replace the switch
Jon : You can get parts at your local appliance parts store. Just tell them your model number and tell them you need the float swicth andthey will get it for you.
Jon : sometimes, when you hear the click and there is nothing stuck under the float, ou may have a bad control board. Bu to lease try the switch first seeing that it is about $100 cheaper.
Jon : please get back to me here if you have any other questions or need more help.
Jon : thanks.
Customer: Thanks very much Jon
Customer: Thanks very much Jon, will get my son to hopefully sort it out.
Customer: Thanks very much Jon, will get my son to hopefully sort it out........cheers Julie
Jon : You are very welcome Julie.
Jon : Please remember to positively rate my performance below this chat now so that way I get credit for the website for belong you.
Jon : And if you or your son have more questions pleas get back to me here and I will continue helping you.
Jon : Thanks again.
Jon and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I can't find where the switch is? I pulled the filter out is it meant to be in there? There is nothing obvious that I can see that is a switch. Jordan

How are you? The float switch is under the front of the dishwasher. To access it you will need to remove the lower front kick plate just under the door.
To remove the kick plate you will need to remove the two screws to the panel under the door. If looking at the front of the door look mall the way to bottom front of the dishwasher and you will see the front kick plate I am referring to.

With that lower kick plate off you will see the switch just under where the float is inThe tubIf the dishwasher. The float is the grey dome that floats up and down in the bottom of the inside of the dishwasher. The float will raise up slightly when water is filling u the dishwasher. And when it gets to a certain height it will trip the float switch and cut the water off to the dishwasher.

Sometimes the float switch will get stuck and not fill up because it thinks there is too much water inThe dishwasher already. Even if there is none.

Most times if you just lift slightly up on the float inside the tub of the dishwasher you can fix the issue. But if you either can't find the float or switch you can't do that.

Let me try to download a video showing you what to do.

Below is a link to a video showing you how to check and replace a float switch in a dishwasher. The dishwasher may not be the same model as yours but almost all dishwasher will use similar style floats and you will be ale to get the idea for what to do on yours. Just copy and paste the video below to your browser to operand view it.

If you need a new float switch please go to your local appliance parts store or call whirlpool or

If you need more help please get back to me here and I will help you more.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks heaps Jon

Think Jordan has looked at wrong part of dishwasher, hopefully this time will get it right.


Appreciate your help




No worries. Just glad I could help. Just to clarify the correct part should be a small dome like float that sits on the bottom of the inside of the tub. That is the part you want to lift up on. Just slightly and you will here the click from the switch underneath the tub.

This is all shown in the video that I hope you guys have time to watch. If not or if you have any other questions please get back to me here at any time and I will help you more.

Thanks and please let me know how you do.