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I have a Maytag MAV7551AWW Washer...its in great shape. It

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I have a Maytag MAV7551AWW’s in great shape.

It developed a very squeaky brake sound when coming to a stop off spin. It then began to develop a knock in the agitation cycle but completed its load.

I replaced the thrust bearing and pulley and the belt. I also disassembled the brake assembly and lightly refaced (sanded) the clutch wheel material (it was lightly glazed) and the stator which has a polished line around the area where it would grab. I removed the entire tub assembly to do the brake and thrust bearing (even made my own spring tool).

I reassembled the tub, installed back in the unit but without the agitator. I filled it with some water and turn it to spin and the water emptied. The problem seemed to go away and the break squeak stopped. I put the agitator back in and then ran a medium load.

When the unit came on it just hummed (no agitation) and the motor circuit breaker tripped (with the smell). Unplugged it and waited then move it to spin cycle to drain the water. It turned on, started spinning (but was laboring) and then tripped the motor circuit again and went off.

Removed the clothes and 90% of the water and tripped again. Removed the agitator to reproduce the test of spinning with no agitator that was successful and again tripped the motor.

Is it a tub bearing or some more sever like the transmission? When I had the tub assembly out of the unit, the transmission spun freely left and right (with the clutch unit off the transmission) and had no bearing sounds.

I am very mechanical (restore vintage race cars) so I can repair most anything just don't know if its a bearing, clutch again or the transmission.

Please help...thank you

Hello..It is my Pleasure To Be Working With You Today...Robert..Unfortunately there are a number of appliances that are in great shape at you local landfills..The problem is in the inner workings of the appliances is what fails..From what you are describing..Your problem is most likely a faulty transmission or the brake system is not releasing..Remove the belt from the large should be able to turn the pulley both ways freely..If the brake is still on by doing this the brake should release..The breaker is tripping due to the load on the motor.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

When removing the belt from the center pulley, the unit spins to the left as the brake disengages but will not spin to the right because the brakes does engage the stator. So the brake is working. When spinning the pulley to the right, should the entire tub rotate? I have seen posts that say no and some that say yes


When the entire tub assembly was taken out and the brake was taken off, the transmission unit spins left to right freely...

The pulley should spin both ways..The motor reverses for the agitating cycle..Rotates the other way for the spin cycle.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Spinning the pulley to the left (counterclockwise) rotates the tub as the brake disengages....this is the spin cycle.


Spinning the pulley to the right (clockwise) engages the brake and does not allow the tub to spin, so only the agitator should be spinning because this is the Agitation cycle



Ok ..Was just reading your post from the beginning..I see you recently replaced the thrust bearing kit and belt..Which would leave your only problem being the transmission unfortunately.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

How do you confirm it is the transmission. Is there a test I can perform to validate your comment...


Take the brake off and see if it spins...which is does....

You turn the pulley the opposite direction and you can Hear the brake release Correct..?,,You've replaced the belt ..The thrust bearing kit...Only components left are the motor and the transmission...You stated the unit spins so the motor and any tub bearing are eliminated..Which leaves the transmission.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Again,...Is there a test I can perform to the transmission that tells me...can I isoloate the unit...and verify...dont really want to shell out 300 for a transmission and then find it is not that

Correct..I would replace this unit before sinking any type of money into it at all..If you turn the pulley at the bottom Clockwise the agitator should move..If not ..The trans mission is bad...Have you checked the drain pump pulley to make sure it is not binding on the motor also..It should rotate in both directions without binding.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Not sure what the meaning of "... I would replace this unit before sinking any money into it at all..."


What unit? The transmission? The brake? Can you clarify specifics?


What is the word "it" referring to?


If the transmission is 250 and a new unit is 500 why would I replace a transmission at 50% the cost of a new unit...


Still just trying to understand how to test the transmission to make 100% sure it is the can I test the transmission?


What I was referring to is that I would ,From what you are describing, Replace the washing Machine before installing a new transmission..That's correct why would you install a $250.00 transmission when you can purchase a new washer $500.00..Makes total sense to me..To test the transmission rotate the Main Pulley clockwise check to see if the agitator is rotating as you spin the pulley..If not either the brake is on or your transmission is faulty..You stated that the brake is releasing..Without being there in front of the washer , going by what you have relayed to me..I would say either the brake is not releasing or the transmission is faulty...Thanks Bob
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