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I have a Maytag gas - electric start- range/oven Model #CRG9700CAE. There

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I have a Maytag gas - electric start- range/oven Model #CRG9700CAE.
There is nothing wrong with it as both the stove and oven work.
However the control pad will not stop beeping. I press "cancel" and it stops
for anywhere from 45 minutes to 15 hours and then beeps again. At first it said "F-1" then it said "F-7" then it said "door" and now it has been beeping for five and a half hours. If I press "cancel" it will stop. There is no way to reach the back. I cannot reach the plug. I rent this house and the landlord said I am responsible for the appliances since I use them.
There must be a way to re-set it so the beeping stops since the controls work, the oven and stove top both work also.
Thank You.
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This is going to be a stuck key on the keypad itself. This gives the board a mixed signal giving you the F1 code at first then the F7 code is a stuck key. There is nothing that will stop the beeping barring killing the power to the unit I am afraid to say. If you can access the circuit breaker panel for your apartment that will be your best bet to stop it. It should be on its own circuit breaker. Now if you can not get at the circuit you will have to pull it out. This is pretty easy. Open the oven door and grab the middle top edge of the oven. Lift up and give it a pull forward. You should be able to slide it out just enough to reach back in get at the plug, but those really are your only two options to get it to stop beeping until you can have someone replace the touchpad.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

When I hit the "cancel" button the beeping stops. Yesterday it stayed off for 15 hours and just started again while I was sleeping.
If I can unplug it and then plug it in will it reset itself. I will have to put towels on top of the stove and sit on those and try and reach down behind it. I tried this already but the plug is in there very tightly. I can try again but then I will not be able to cook anything. I can't pull it away from the wall as when they installed it they bent the rear right leg and it will break. ( When I bake a cake it is cockeyed, and when I took the drawer out of the bottom I could see the bent leg.) Is it safe to leave the house to go to the grocery store and leave my puppies in the house? Will they be all right if the beeping starts? It won't start a fire or anything will it? Won't the beep burn out or just stop eventually? All of the buttons on the keypad work. I pressed them all and they all worked appropriately - when I pressed the clock button the clock was ready to be set and when I pressed it again the clock worked. I pressed the timer button and the numbers went to 00:00 for me to set the time and when I pressed cancel the current time came back up. I cannot afford a new stove right now as I lost my job as a teacher. There must be some way I can fix this. If I unplug it can I use the burners by lighting them with a match? I am 2 rooms away with the doors closed and the beeping is aggravating. If I can still use the stove with a match I will get a wooden cane I have and try and pull out the plug. The gas line will still be connected though. Thank You so very much. It is almost 5am and I have not slept yet because of this. Thank you. Susan

Susan there was an issue with the server and I did not receive your message until late today. It will just be annoying, if you can get it unplugged you can manually light the burners on the top to use them, but you will not be able to use the oven at all since that can not be manually lit. You will need to get a new keypad for the unit to get it fixed properly, but you can use it unplugged at least the top burners for the meantime.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is it safe to leave the house? It won't start a fire and hurt my puppies will it?


Another person on the Maytag site said that when he got an "F-1" he unplugged it and then when he plugged it back in it never happened again. I also called around and it seems that parts are scarce for a 20 year old appliance. Should I just get a new one instead of trying to get someone to fix this one?


Thank You .


Yes it is safe to leave the house and yes on very rare occasions unplugging the unit for 30 seconds and plugging it back in may reset the board, but typically the problem will come back. If it does it is still cheaper to get it fixed than buy a new unit, but that is up to you.