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Tom Goellner
Tom Goellner, Home Appliance Technician
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Hi!, We have a Tappan oven appliace that was installed

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We have a Tappan oven
appliace that was installed in 1973. It has a microve oven on the very top. A
light unit in the middle with an electric cooktop and the oven below.
Our current problem is that the left hand side of the oven door need a part that fits behind the hinge. Can you tell us where we can go to find that part or who we can ask if the have that part?
So far, I have not located the serial number or model number on this appliance. [email protected]

tom goellner :

You will NOT get this part without a model number . Open the storage drawer and look on the frame of the stove down there for a tag that lists model and serial. Or look around the frame of the oven opening . If the cooktop lifts up - lift it up and look under there ( the top of the oven , not the bottom of the cooktop you lifted . You will not find it on the back sodon't bother tryhing to pull it out

tom goellner :

If you simply can't find the model number - go to and select Tappan, then electric stove and then narrow it down some more under the type of part and try to find a picture that looks like your part


OK. I will in all of those places. Can I contact you directly when I find the model number?


How do I re-connect with you? I will need to close out, go look and I guess log back on again..or can you stay on the connection, I will go look and then answer you here


Ok, I'll go find it!


Thanks so much!!

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


I found the numbers:
774972/00/1137/8520 2296 It is a Tappan Centennial


Optional Information:
Brand: Tappan
Type of Appliance: Oven & Range

Already Tried:
Tried to put the oven door back on. My husband took the left hinge off and discovered that the part behind the hinge needs to be replaced. Where can we find this part?

That number is not coming up as valid for the model number. Did it have "MODEL" in front of this number ? The tag should have MODEL and SERIAL listed. Don't need the serial #.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I have just looked again and the metal tag under the cook top says model and serial number. The tag is not in good condition. I have cleaned it off and told you the numbers that I have found.
I have also doubled check the oven door for nunbers and there are no numbers anywhere on the oven door.
Go to and look at part numbers 5303205940 which is the right side hinge and 5303205939 which is the left side hinge - would think one of these would fix your problem.