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Appliance Tech Dave
Appliance Tech Dave, Home Appliance Technician
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Hi - I have Modern Maid gas stove and the 4 burners are working

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Hi - I have Modern Maid gas stove and the 4 burners are working but I just tried to start stove and it's not making the usually sound. I might smell gas - not sure - but it's not on.
Is there anything I can do to fix it or do I need a repair person to come out?

Appliance Tech Dave :

Hello Robin, my name is Dave. Does your stove ave a top broiler or does it broil in the bottom drawer? Do you have the model number?

Customer: Not sure where to find model number. It has 4 burners on the top which are working, and oven part on bottom. I only use the bake selection, never the broil - but those are in bottom part.
Appliance Tech Dave :

Okay. This model may have a pilot to light. If the top burner knobs don't have a "lite" position and they don't click with a spark to light there should be a pilot light in the oven. With the bottom drawer pulled out look for a small tube that almost looks like a wire that attaches to the center near the burner. Near the end of the "wire" the end may be larger and that is where you need to light the pilot. You can use a long spaghetti as a match to light the pilot. Let me know how it goes. Dave


The top burners go on when you turn - they click on and then you turn down. Unfortunately, I have a bad back right now and can't open bottom drawer and bend down to try to see -- I will need to get someones help.

Appliance Tech Dave :

Okay, when you say the top burners click on, do you mean you hear a snapping sound until they light?

Appliance Tech Dave :

Robin, all this was to try to determine the ignition systen your oven uses so we could pinpoint your problem. Some models have a glow bar that ignites the gas but I suspect yours will be the standing pilot and all that is needed is to light the lilot. Best wishes and ask questions until your problem is resolved. Dave

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